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Putting 2016 Firmly in the Rearview Mirror

byebye.093114For as long as Drew and I have owned Carpe Vino–15 years in February–I have always taken particular joy in writing a simple year-end report about how we have fared. Typically, these emails have been buoyant and optimistic, recounting our successes and sometimes, candid failures. We’ve had our share of both.

But now that 2016 is finally in our rearview mirror, I’m just glad it is over. I turned 66 a month ago, and this year has been one of the most tumultuous and worrisome that I have lived through. This is not a place for political commentary, but, frankly, I am weary of it all. . .as well as personally troubled about the future of our country.

Thankfully, people still gotta eat and drink, so we’re here for you.

From a business perspective, 2016 was unpredictable and occasionally worrisome as nationwide consternation was reflected in restaurant attendance. On the nights of major political dates, we could have just stayed home. After November 9, however, folks came out in droves and we had a great Christmas season in the restaurant and wine sales. Our thanks to you all for continuing to patronize the Friendly Confines.

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