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Up Close & Personal: 18 Questions for Kendal Lund

kendall lundIn 15 years of owning Carpe Vino, I’ve offered a prospective employee a job during the initial interview just one time—to the young man being profiled this week: Kendal Lund. It wasn’t because he wore a suit to the interview; or because he was poised and articulate; or because his fine dining service experience was truly legit.

No, I hired him instantly because Carpe Vino was the first place he applied after moving to the Sacramento area from Seattle, and I wasn’t going to let this young pro get away.

Kendal fit in immediately and, as far as I have observed, he is universally appreciated by everyone in the Friendly Confines. He has an indefatigable work ethic; he has a precise understanding of how to assess each table’s needs; he is the consummate team player; and he steps up without being asked. He’s a true professional, and I know Carpe Vino is blessed every night he is in the building. —gary

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