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Introducing Patti Gonsalves with 18 Questions


If you’ve dined at Carpe Vino recently, you were likely greeted by our new Director of Service Patti Gonsalves, who is now responsible for all facets of dining room. . .or as we say in the biz, “Front of the House.” Patti comes to Carpe Vino with impeccable credentials and a vast knowledge of the restaurant industry. We’re delighted to have her on the management team, and she’s already made an impact.

In order to give you a proper introduction to Patti, she recently answered the 18 Questions we ask of our staff to create employee profiles. Please join us in welcoming her to the Friendly Confines.

1. Position and start date: Director of Service. February, 2017

2. Birthplace: Sacramento, CA. Family settled in Sac in early 1920’s.

3. Family: Are you married, engaged, children. . .? Happily married to Dick Gonsalves since 2003. I have two grown children that are married and living in the Roseville area. I have one “brilliant and beautiful” granddaughter.

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