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There’s an emerging “nutritional divide” all across America

As much as people complain about the downsides of calling California home–the high cost of living, the heavy-handed regulations imposed by state government, the threat of earthquakes and the relentless drought–everyone stays because of the many quality factors. You can’t beat the weather, recreational opportunities and our laid-back lifestyle.

After spending four days in a remote hunting region of South Dakota, however, moving to the top of my list of things to be thankful for in the Golden State is our access to an incredible array of fresh, raw food.

Yes, many of us are tired of hearing the “farm-to-fork” refrain that has become the mantra of the restaurant culture in the Sacramento area. But after observing the shocking absence of fresh fruit and vegetables of any color in South Dakota, I’m truly grateful for the abundance of real food that we have come to take for granted here.

My son, Drew, and I just returned from a pheasant hunting adventure in Harrold, South Dakota, a farming and ranching community about 40 miles east of Pierre. I never actually made it to Harrold because the town’s only restaurant closed, so we had to go to nearby Blunt for its single eatery. The Out Back restaurant (situated behind the Medicine Creek convenience store) served no vegetables or fruit. . .none, nada. . .if you don’t count fried pickles and mushrooms.

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