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All-New Dining and Wine Menus Launch Today

When you have a mature business dialed in–especially a restaurant–the notion of making substantive changes can be tough to swallow. Make a mistake and you risk alienating customers who have no shortage of options.

The only bigger mistake is to do nothing at all, continuing on a predictable path that can encourage previously rabid fans to go elsewhere in pursuit of new and exciting culinary opportunities. At the same time, making changes can alienate people who become incensed when their favorite entrée disappears from the menu.

Damned if you do; damned if you don’t.

Over our nearly 15 years in business, we’ve maintained a philosophy of continuous, incremental change. But after a decade of operating a fine dining restaurant, we’re amping up the pace and breadth of change.

It started at the end of June when we ended the 5+-year run of our very successful, monthly prix-fixe series. After some serious analysis of our operations and the restaurant market, we concluded enough was enough. Throughout the summer, we’ve explored options and taken stock of our internal resources to reimagine our approach. . .starting with our menus.

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