Today’s Deal ~ 2013 Tre Leoni (by Whitehall Lane) Red Wine

$24.95/bottle or $19.95/6+ bottles


Here’s a sweet deal on a fun red wine from one of Napa Valley’s most storied wineries: The 2013 Whitehall Lane “Tre Leoni” Red.  Primarily sourced from the acclaimed Leonardini Vineyard, the “Tre Leoni” is the perfect every day sipper.  We stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park for you today with a spectacular discount.  Winery retail is $25/bottle, however, purchase six or more bottles of this baby and get it for $19.95/bottle!

Here’s a few more reasons why should you jump on this splendid offer.  The 2013 “Tre Leoni”Red marks the fourth release of this fan favorite.  The blend consists of primarily cabernet sauvignon from the famed Leonardini Vineyard, which Wine Spectator boasted as one the finest representations of St. Helena.  It also consists of merlot, syrah, and zinfandel which help round out the wine with not only BOLD RICH FLAVORS but also give it a nice balanced finish.  The “Tre Leoni” is great on its own or paired with your favorite carnivorous meal.  To top it all off, winemaker Jason Moulton is at the helm.  Jason sports a pretty prestigious pedigree too with having worked with the likes of Philippe Melka and David Ramey.  He also, did stints with both Cliff Lede Winery and Long Meadow Ranch, so anything Jason touches you know is going to be GOLDEN!

Let’s face it, these days red blend wines under $20 a bottle are a dime-a-dozen, but when you have one coming from vines that were planted as far back as the late 1800’s, that something special!  Consequently, the “Tre Leoni” nails it in the flavor department too.  Right out of the bottle you can’t help but be pulled in by the fresh aromas of CANDIED BLACK CHERRIES, BLACKBERRY, and VANILLA.  On the palate, you’re gratified with bold flavors of BLUEBERRY, BLACK CURRANT JAM, and BLACK PEPPER.  This wine is seriously good and with its LINGERING FINISH of SOFT TANNINS the wine is down-right delightful!

Since you’ve read this far, this wine is no doubt for you!  If you’ve never tried this wine, then make sure you order enough because at this discount, it’s going to literally fly out the door.  Just ask the people who have already clicked the “SKIP EMAIL” button above and gone straight to purchase screen!  We have TEN cases in stock that are ready to be picked up or shipped today so slam that BUY TRE LEONI RED NOW button!

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 10.21.04 AM

Winery Tasting Notes: “Three generations of the Leonardini Family (Tre Leoni) are responsible for this expertly made proprietary blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and Zinfandel. This 2013 vintage marks the fourth release of the Tre Leoni. It remains a fun yet serious blend of some of the Leonardini Family’s favorite barrel lots. This 2013 is a full-bodied wine with plenty of structure on the mid-palate and soft tannins on the finish. The Tre Leoni is the perfect wine for any occasions, casual BBQ’s and weeknight dinners”


Today’s Deal ~ 2015 De Morgenzon “DMZ” Chardonnay

$18.95/bottle or $14.95/bottle on 6+


Its time to take a journey to one of South Africa’s premier grape growing regions and stock up on a premium value driven chardonnay…The 2015 De Morgenzon “DMZ” Chardonnay.  The “CV Sourcing Team” tasted this wine at the beginning of May for an event we’re doing next month (details coming shortly) and we knew right away that the CV faithful would FALL IN LOVE with this wine.  Plus, with a discount of $14.95/bottle on six or more you can’t beat it!

De Morgenzon is Dutch for “the morning sun,” which is a befitting name for this boutique winery located in the hills above the region of Stellenbosch. De Morgenzon winery has a 350 year winemaking heritage where their goal is to produce CLASSIC, ELEGANT, and OPULENT wines that convey amazing quality & accessibility.

For those in the chardonnay market that want to get off the beaded path then look no further.  The 2014 DMZ Chardonnay is an excellent wine indicative of one the most celebrated regions of South Africa.  It is reminiscent of a California-style chard but with labor being so much cheaper (in S. Africa to Cali) the consumer is receiving an OUTSTANDING product for the $.  On the nose, you receive alluring hints of VANILLA w/ plenty of TROPICAL PINEAPPLE & GUAVA nuances.  Your palate is invigorated by RICH and BOLD flavors of RIPE YELLOW PEAR, APRICOT, and WHITE PEACH that is accented by layers of VANILLA SPICE and TOASTY OAK.  The finish is WELL-BALANCED and offers a THIRST-QUENCHING acidity that leaves you wanting glass after glass.  Certainly the wine is easily enjoyed on its own but will pair nicely with hard cheeses and the DMZ’s crisp minerality lends itself to roast chicken or a prawn risotto.

We have TEN cases in our warehouse that are ready to be picked up or shipped immediately.  So, all you need to do now is click the BUY DMZ CHARDONNAY NOW button and prepare to find your new favorite chardonnay for under 15 bucks!

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 10.05.20 AM


Winery Tasting Notes: “The DMZ is De Morgonzon’s value label, where the objective is to produce classic, elegant, well-balanced wines that over-deliver in terms of quality for price.  Enticing citrus and tropical fruit aromas lead to a lush, concentrated palate.  Ripe notes of peach, pineapple and apple are tinged with delicate hints of vanilla, butterscotch, caramel and toast, all backed by a vibrant acidity and a beautiful minerally edge.”


Today’s Deal ~ 2012 The Imposter Red Win

$29.95/bottle or $22.50/bottle on 6+


ONLY 8 Cases Available @ BEST ONLINE PRICE!

Time to kick off the week with another one-of-a-kind deal found only at Carpe Vino: The 2012 “The Imposter” Red Wine made by Jeff Cohn Cellars.  This bombastic red is killer and if you’re a big fan of red blends like The Prisoner or Carne Humana, then this wine right up your alley.  CV has the best pricing anywhere so here’s your chance to stock up.  Don’t wait too long though because there isn’t much left of this vintage before its gone for good!

Winemaker Jeff Cohn burst into the wine scene by working for the “King of Zin” himself, Kent Rosenblum of the iconic Rosenblum Cellars.  It was there where Jeff’s passion for wine skyrocketed and he helped design the Rosenblum Rhone program that included fruit from the famous Rockpile Vineyard.  In fact, Jeff still sources grapes from this vineyard today.  However, Jeff’s true passion is for zinfandel and he produces unique blends from special single vineyards that are some of the best in California.

Don’t let the name “The Imposter” fool you because this wine is the real deal!  Comprised of 54% zinfandel, 19% syrah, 13% petite sirah, 6% alicante boushcet, 4% grenache, 3% carignane, and 1% viognier, this “everything but the kitchen sink” red will floor you. With its DEEP PURPLE hue, the wine gloriously swirls in the glass coating it like wet paint.  Then you’re greeted with enticing aromas of BLACK PEPPER, ANISE, and CHERRY SYRUP.  The Imposter is JUICY, JAMMY, and RIPE with RICH BLACKBERRIES and BLACK PLUMS.  With all these amazing aromas and flavors the wine remains BALANCED but LUSH.  I can’t think of anything that would go better with this wine than smoked brisket, smoked ribs, or pizza then this bad boy right here!

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 11.04.06 AM

Here is the kicker:  The 2012 The Imposter Red is priced at $29.95/bottle but purchase six or more bottles today and get this awesome wine for just $22.50/bottle!  Hands Down, the best bang for the buck!  We have EIGHT cases in stock ready to be picked up or shipped immediately.  So, hammer the GET THE IMPOSTER NOW button and take advantage of this deal before it’s gone!

Winery Tasting Notes:  “In the 2012 vintage the wine expresses more black and red fruits that are plummy, with a spiced cherry aspect to it.  The aromatics and flavors shift from a focus of Zinfandel, to more of a Grenache profile.  From here we are led into deeper blackberry liqueur with lavender and violet notes, all from the contributions of the old vine Carignane, Syrah, Petite Sirah, Alicante and just that soft touch of Viognier that brings this blend all together.  Lush, exotic and ready to drink, the Imposter, is very inviting, but there is enough structure here to let it age.”



“Fleur-de-Lis” Prix Fixe Launches Tonight!

Other than France’s tri-color flag, there is no symbol that more closely identifies with the French culture than the iconic fleur-de-lis.  And that’s why we’re calling this month’s culinary extravaganza “A Fleur-de-Lis Prix Fixe”.  This title is fitting in two other ways:  the term translates to “flower of the lily”, which is the birth flower of May. Also, it symbolizes French royalty, perfection, light and life.

A Fleur-de-Lis Prix Fixe begins tonight at 5 p.m. and runs through Sunday (May 24 to 29).  The event is comprised of four-courses, with options, 10 courses in total from which to choose.  Because of the cost of ingredients and the complexity of preparations, Chef Alexander has advised that we increase the price of this event to $64.95 (plus tax and tip).  The front of the house advises that because our annual French dinner is normally fully subscribed, reservations–especially Thursday through Saturday–are highly recommended.

For a complete rundown of the entire menu, dish by dish, click here.  All menu descriptions were prepared personally by Chef Alexander.  Drew has his back with a special selection of French wines to accompany this very special event, our annual French prix fixe.


gary, Drew, Eric and the Carpe Vino Crew


“A Fleur-de-Lis Prix Fixe” is Quintessentially French

“A Fleur-de-Lis Prix Fixe” is Quintessentially French
Other than France’s tri-color flag, there is no symbol that more closely identifies with the French culture than the iconic fleur-de-lis.  And that’s why we’re calling this month’s culinary extravaganza “A Fleur-de-Lis Prix Fixe”.  This title is fitting in two other ways:  the term translates to “flower of the lily”, which is the birth flower of May. Also, it symbolizes French royalty, perfection, light and life.

Because of his level of expertise in French cuisine, it might be fitting for Carpe Vino’s inkless Chef Alexander to consider getting a fleur-de-lis tattooed on his forearm. Read his menu below, and you’ll likely agree.

A Fleur-de-Lis Prix Fixe begins next Tuesday at 5 p.m. and runs through Sunday (May 24 to 29).  The event is comprised of four-courses, with options, 10 courses in total from which to choose.  Because of the cost of ingredients and the complexity of preparations, Chef Alexander has advised that we increase the price of this event to $64.95 (plus tax and tip).  The front of the house advises that because our annual French dinner is normally fully subscribed, reservations–especially Thursday through Saturday–are highly recommended.

For this menu, Chef Alexander drafted the menu explanations independently.  Full disclosure:  the descriptions are detailed and induce salivation.  Note the liberal use of the pronoun “we”.

First Course (choice of one):

Crispy Pork and Rabbit Rilletes:  (Sauternes-Poached Apricot, Frisée Salad, Moutarde Violette):  A traditional French rillette is a rustic pate in which meat (traditionally duck) is seasoned and slow-cooked in fat until tender.  The meat is shredded and the cooled fat is emulsified into the meat along with spices, herbs, garlic and shallots. For this dish, we’ll use pork shoulder and whole rabbits that we’ll cure and then slow-cook in duck fat until tender. The meat will be picked (bones discarded) and mixed with a little of the duck fat, herbs, garlic, shallot and mustard.  In our version, we take it a step farther and form our rillettes into balls and then dip in egg wash and breadcrumbs. These morsels are fried golden brown. Alongside are apricots from Frog Hollow Farm (Brentwood, CA) poached in the famous French dessert wine, Sauternes.  Served with a frisee salad and Moutarde Violette, a vibrant purple mustard from Brive, France, where mustard seeds are aged in red grape must before being processed.

Escargot Provençal  (Chickpea Panisse, Green Garlic-Pernod Butter, Rouille): This is a south-of-France riff on classic Burgundy snails in garlic-parsley butter. Escargot are bathed in butter blended with spring green garlic, parsley, saffron, lemon and Pernod (an herbal, anise-scented liquor).  Instead of bread to soak up the precious garlic butter, we’ll use chickpea Panisse, a Provençal dish made from cooking chickpea flour with milk or broth into a thick polenta and then chilled, which is then cut into shapes and fried.  To garnish the plate we will add parsley salad and a spoon of rouille (in French, “rust”), a sauce of olive oil, saffron, garlic and red chile peppers.

Day Boat Scallop Tartare  )Shaved Foie Gras, Pineapple, Vadouvan, Celery Bouillon):  This dish is inspired by one I ate in Paris in 2007. . .a scallop tartare layered with raw oysters, diced apple celery and garnished with curry oil.  Our version will feature raw, fresh day boat scallops from Massachusetts that will be diced, seasoned with vadouvan ( a French yellow curry powder) and topped with shavings of cured foie gras, diced pineapple and a broth made of juiced celery and pineapple. Garnished with cilantro sprouts.

Second Course (choice of one):

“Potage Parmentier”  (Potato-Leek Soup, Brioche and Lobster Emulsion):  This is a potato soup named after Antoine Parmentier (1737-1813), the Frenchmen who heavily promoted the potato as food fit for human consumption in France.   Until then, the potato was thought to cause leprosy and was considered hog feed at best. We prepare our soup the classic way:  a silky smooth purée of potatoes, leeks, fresh thyme, stock and cream. Our version features toasted cubes of buttery brioche bread and fresh chervil.  An emulsion of lobster stock and cream will be spooned over the top.

Asparagus Mimosa (Farm Egg, Mâché, Breakfast Radish, Black Truffle Vinaigrette):  In French cookery, “mimosa” refers to any vegetable dish garnished with diced or grated hard-cooked egg. The color of the yellow yolk with the white is said to resemble that a mimosa flower. Our salad will feature blanched California asparagus dressed in black truffle vinaigrette.  Grated, hard-cooked egg, mâché lettuce and thin slices of French breakfast radish will top the asparagus with more black truffle vinaigrette drizzled around.

Main Course (choice of one):

Ora King Salmon (English Peas, Jambon de Paris, Herb Spaetzle, Riesling Beurre Blanc):  This dish takes its inspiration from the region of Alsace, where France shares a border with Germany.  Through time and two World Wars, this fertile land has changed hands between the two countries. As you might expect, the food and wine culture in Alsace is very similar to its northern neighbor. We sourced Ora King Salmon (a sustainably farmed product from New Zealand) and pan roast; it rests on a seasonal mix of English peas, sliced spring onion, diced Jambon de Paris (an unsmoked cured ham) and herb Spaetzle, little egg noodles made with chopped parsley, chervil, tarragon and chives.  Finally, we will sauce the plate with a Beurre blanc( butter sauce)  made from a reduction of Riesling wine, shallots, peppercorns and finished with copious amounts of butter.

Roast Leg of Lamb “Bretonne”  (Buckwheat, Artichokes, Nettles and Rhubarb Aigre Doux):  The coast of Brittany is famous for its  lamb. The animals graze solely on salt marsh grasses resulting in meat with a very distinctive flavor. Our leg of lamb will be sourced locally from Dixon but will be deboned, tied, and slow roasted with coarse salt and herbs in order to mimic the flavor naturally acquired by the Bretonne lamb. Buckwheat is one of Brittany’s most important crops, used most often in the famous crepes found all over the region. We will forgo the crepes and pair the slices of roasted lamb with whole buckwheat cooked risotto style until creamy, roasted artichokes, wilted nettles (a foraged green) and rhubarb aigre doux, French for “sweet and sour”. The rhubarb will be poached in sugar and red wine vinegar.

Duck Breast Aux Cerises  (Bing Cherry, Baby Turnip, Hazelnut Aillade):  Roasted duck with sour cherries flambéed with brandy is another haute cuisine classic.  We source our duck breast from Grimaud Farms in Stockton.  After rendering the skin crispy and cooking to medium rare, the breast is sliced and glazed with local bing cherries cooked with brandy, sugar and reduced chicken stock. The duck will be paired with glazed baby turnips and a hazelnut aillade, a condiment of hazelnuts crushed with garlic, hazelnut oil and cream.

Dessert (choice of one):

Fromage Blanc Bavarois  (Strawberry, Pistachio, Lavender Tuile):  Fromage blanc is a very simple, fresh and creamy cows milk cheese. We source ours locally from Orland creamery in Orland, CA. A bavarois is a mousse with gelatin added to give extra structure. For this dessert, we whip fromage blanc, egg yolks and sugar, then fold in whipped cream to lighten the mix.  Gelatin is added and then chilled. Served with macerated local strawberries, pistachios and a Tuile cookie scented with fresh lavender.

Dark Chocolate-Chambord Torte (Ganache, Olallieberry, Creme Fraiche): This is a classic flourless torte, very rich and velvety, with the added interest of Chambord, a French blackberry liqueur baked in.  The torte is made of whipped whole eggs with sugar, whipped cream and melted chocolate all delicately folded together and baked just until set.  The chilled torte is glazed with chocolate ganache; garnished with olallieberries(a blackberry-loganberry cross) from our own Four Tines Farm to add a perfect tart balance and whipped Crème Fraiche to add a creamy note to the dish.


Carpe Vino “Colors” Fly Proudly in Scotland


Tim Sands in Scotland.

There’s no better way to demonstrate your brother or sisterhood than wearing a Carpe Vino “colors” t-shirt (available, of course, online or in the brick & mortar store).  Tim and Collen Sands–avid Carpe Vinians–demonstrated this virtue when Collen photographed Tim while they were on vacation in Scotland.  Here he is, alongside a canal in Falkirk, just outside of Edinburgh.  Gotta love the kilt!

We’re totally sold out of black tees, but we’ve got a new supply on order.  With vacation time just around the corner, be sure to pack your CV duds when you head out.  Send us your pix and we’ll publish them online.

2015 La Pitchoune Vin Gris of Pinot Noir

$27.95/bottle or $22.50/6+ bottles


One of our favorite wines here at Carpe Vino this time of year is a nice crisp, refreshing rosé.  Today, we have a beautiful one to offer you that you won’t find plastered all over the internet or in just any retail shop.  It is the 2015 La Pitchoune Vin Gris of pinot noir.  From its translucent gleaming pink hue to its invigorating array of flavors, there is no better wine to get you through the hot days ahead.  Winery retail price is $28/bottle but purchase six or more bottles today from CV and get this wonderful wine for just $22.50/bottle.

If rosé is your game and you prefer the lighter Provençal style then you’ve got to jump on this deal now!  The 2015 La Pitchoune which means “the little one,” pays homage to the small properties located in the south of France, where small production, small lot rosés thrive.  Sourced from the English Hill, Morris, and Holder Vineyards located in the beautiful Sonoma Coast AVA, the La Picthoune consists of 100% pinot noir.  With only 160 cases produced, extreme meticulous hand-crafted care goes into each and every bottle of wine making this an absolute must-have!

If you’re still on the fence about this wine then know this.  Outside France, the US is the number one consumer of these bone-dry rosés and for good reason.  They are simply stunning and are surprisingly versatile!  They can be consumed as an aperitif because of their low alcohol and they pair well with just about anything.  However, the 2015 La Pitchoune would go best with seafood like lobster or grilled fish.  But, if you don’t want to get too fancy, just pair with the classic French sandwich, the Croque Monsieur – a grilled cheese on steroids consisting of ham, Gruyère cheese, and toasted Brioche-like bread.  YUM!!

So, the only left to do now check out the tasting notes and order up some of this lovely wine.  To get yours simply click on the BUY LA PITCHOUNE ROSÉ NOW button and we’ll get some set aside for you today!


Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 12.51.37 PM

Winery Tasting Notes: “Our 2015 Vin Gris of Pinot Noir is an expressive, bright pink wine with wonderful crisp berry taste and vibrant acidity. The source of the fruit stems from our English Hill, Morris and and Holder Vineyards extracted through the traditional sagné method. Once fermented, the wine is then aged in neutral French oak for 6 months which helps give it that unique texture and mouth-feel that has made this wine so famous. The flavors of raspberry and watermelon will not only awaken your palate, but also be the perfect pairing with almost any food.”


Today’s Deal ~ 2014 Head High Pinot Noir $27.95/bottle or $22.50/6+ bottles


One of our newest and coolest finds here at Carpe Vino is a remarkable pinot noir called Head High.  Sourced from Sonoma Coast, where the winemakers passion for surfing and wine thrive, the 2014 Head High Pinot Noir is out-right delicous!  We’re pumped about this wine because we can bring it to you at a discount that beats anyone around.  Our price is $27.95/bottle but purchase six bottles or more and rake it in at $22.50/bottle!

The 2014 Head High Pinot Noir is comprised of several prime vineyards located in Sonoma that include Durell, Wildcat Canyon, Sangiacomo, Vella, and El Novillero.  Made by longtime industry vet Sam Spencer, who partnered with Bill Price of Price Family Vineyards, Head High is a true surf-inspired wine brand.  Both Sam and Bill share a love for the outdoors, specifically surfing, which is where Head High derives its name.  It is a term that refers to the waves being the same height as the riders.  It’s through this unique connection of surf and wine that Head High crafts their pinot noir with the most sustainable farming practices.  They believe that through wine they can not only bring joy to people’s lives but also promote environmental awareness.

I know that’s a great story but can the wine deliver you ask?  Answer = ABSOLUTELY!  The 2014 Head High pinot noir is gorgeous in the glass exemplified by its deep RUBY RED (like Dorothy’s slippers) hue.  The bouquet is also amazing with bright CHERRY COLA and fresh MILK CHOCOLATE aromas, like when unwrapping a Hershey’s Bar!  With oodles of RIPE BLACKBERRY and RICH RED RASPBERRY flavors combined with BRIGHT ACIDITY make the Head High Pinot Noir simply RAVISHING.  Pair it with Wild Mushroom and Burrata Bruschetta as an appetizer or Roasted Duck with Fig reduction for a main.  That’s what I call a perfect combination!

There is only one thing left to do now and that’s HANG TEN on the BUY HEAD HIGH NOW button!  We have FIVE cases in stock (we can get more) that are ready to be picked up or shipped immediately.  So, venture out and catch the ultimate wave because one taste of this pinot noir and you’re in for an “endless summer!”

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 12.56.35 PM

Winery Tasting Notes:  “This wine is characterized by grace, depth, flavor intensity, and balance. After a four-day cold soak, the individual vineyard-lots were blended early to present a true picture of the breadth of Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir. After a day spent exploring the world, a glass of Head High Pinot Noir feels like home.”


Today’s Deal ~ 2012 Twomey Cellars “Soda Canyon Ranch” Merlot

$59.95/bottle Standard/Wine Club Discounts apply on 6+ and 12+ bottle purchases


One of the most celebrated wineries today is Silver Oak Cellars.  Notorious for delivering spot-on delicious wines, you always know what you’re going to get: A crowd-pleasing well-made wine!  To that end, Silver Oak’s second label, Twomey Cellars also has a storied history of delivering terrific small production, hard-to-find wines.  Today, we bring you the 2012 Twomey Merlot from Napa Valley.  While there are no gimmicks or crazy discounts on “Today’s Deal,” this elegant merlot is the epitome of what Twomey Cellars is all about: combining old world winemaking with the expressiveness of California fruit.

We’re stoked to offer this wine because in 2012, Twomey Cellars and its Director of Winemaking Daniel Barron, began an exclusive partnership with iconic winemaking consultant Jean-Claude Berrouet.  Jean-Claude is renowned for producing the finest merlots in the world.  Most notably for his work with Jean Pierre Moueix at Chateau Petrus in Pomerol, Bordeaux, France for 44 vintages.  Of which many of those wines have garnered scores well into the mid 90’s and even as high as 100 points from Wine Advocate for both the 2009 and 2010 vintage.  Closer to home he is also connected with the heralded Dominus Estate here in the Napa Valley.  It too,  has achieved incredible 100 point scores from Wine Advocate.  Together, Barron and Berrouet have created a merlot masterpiece that Twomey Cellars considers their best merlot to date!

The 2012 Twomey Merlot is sourced from Soda Canyon Ranch where the vines experience the most optimal growing conditions to thrive.  With spring rains, warm days and the cool nights of summer, this merlot is CHOCK-FULL of flavor.  INTENSE, VIVACIOUS, and CONCENTRATED, the Twomey Merlot combines POWER with FINESSE.  With its deep GARNET HUE, complex bouquet of CHERRY LIQUER and DARK CHOCOLATE, your palate goes on sensory overload.   But, it’s not done there because the finish is so VELVETY you wish it would never end.

Now that you’ve managed to wade through this touting of 2012 Twomey Cellars Merlot, you’re a great candidate to push the “Buy Now” button and place an order today.  Whether you order 1 bottle, 2 bottles, 6 bottles, or a case, you will have made a sound decision.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 6.26.47 PM

Winery Tasting Notes: “Our 2012 Soda Canyon Ranch Merlot from the Napa Valley combines the refinement of old world winemaking with the expressiveness and generosity of California fruit. This textural wine has a garnet color and a nose of blackberry, licorice, graphite, tar, dark chocolate and cloves. The velvety mouth-feel of this wine is remarkable. The palate begins with a hint of blackberry fruit and builds to a long finish of fruit compote, chocolate and fine-grained tannins. Given proper cellaring, this wine will give drinking pleasure through 2030.”


Today’s Deal ~ 2012 Maison L’Envoyé $19.99/bottle or $14.99/6+ bottles



In our ever present search of fine delicious wine, the Carpe Vino wine sleuths scored again with a sensational Burgundian Chardonnay from the Mâconnais district.  The 2012 Maison L’Envoyé is a beautiful Bourgogne Blanc that is absolutely STUNNING.  Sourced from two distinct vineyards located in La Roche Vineuse, this elegant wine delivers both on flavor and quality without having to tighten the purse strings.  While our asking price is standard at $19.99/bottle however it’s our discount that will have you ordering this wine by the caseload: $14.99/bottle on 6+ which is the deepest discount you’ll find anywhere online!

The 2012 Maison L’Envoyé was founded by Mark Tarlov who specializes in not only finding elegant Burgundian Wines but also specializes in finding the same Burgundy varietals from Willamette Valley, Oregon as well as Tasmania, Australia.  Tarlov’s philosophy is to champion the unsung village growers of Burgundy who for generations have farmed their vineyards mere feet from some of most esteemed wineries of the region.  As a result, just last year, Maison L’Envoyé was named “Winery to Watch” in 2015 by Wine & Spirits Magazine.

You have to venture out and get this wine!  Once you pour it in your glass you’ll see and taste why.  It exhibits an opulent GOLDEN STRAW hue that is backed by an exquisite bouquet of CITRUS FRUITS and LEMON ZEST.  This wine has a fresh minerality that is complimented by stone fruits of APRICOTS and WHITE NECTARINES.  The finish boasts a BRIGHT ACIDITY that pairs well with roasted turkey, poached salmon or lobster.

Now that I’ve got your attention, here is one of the FINEST-VALUED, BEST-TASTING French Wines that you can get on the market today.  We have the last NINE cases in stock ready for pick up or immediate shipping today.  So, glide your clicking device over the BUY MAISON L’ENVOYÉ NOW button and treat yourself to a lovely wine!

 Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 1.20.59 PM

 Allen Meadows – Burghound Tasting Notes: “There is a hint of grapefruit to the notably ripe soft pear, white flower and apple suffused nose that is trimmed in a discreet bit of oak. The nicely concentrated, round, supple and seductively textured flavors possess an easy-to-like mouth feel where there is just enough wood to notice on the lingering finish. This delicious effort is already approachable though one year of bottle age would add a bit of depth. (6/2014)”


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