Men’s “Colors” Wine Club Tee-Shirt

Online Price: $25

If you want to make it crystal clear that you are part of an organization, there is no better way to demonstrate unbridled fidelity than by wearing your “colors.” That’s because we’ve created our first-ever tee-shirt designed to unify our 1,250+ Wine Club members with their own colors. Channel your inner-Marlon Brando and demonstrate your oneness with Carpe Vino by pre-ordering your shirts today. Here’s what you get: The back of the shirt features a strikingly dark image of a silk-screen skull pierced by a cork screw dripping purple blood into a wine stem held in a bony grasp. The top “rocker” patch features the Carpe Vino club name; the bottom rocker the club headquarters location. The 13% ERs patch pays homage to the biker’s 1% ERs patch (one percent of the baddest riders on the road). In our usage, it refers to optimum wine alcohol content and it is synonymous with bad luck. The “WC” patch stands for “Wine Club” of course, and replaces “MC” or Motorcycle Club. The front of the shirt has stacked silk-screen patches: “Live for Wine” and “Wine for Life”. Motorcycle owners will recognize this is a parody of the rider mantra: “Live to Ride” and “Ride to Live”. On the opposite breast of the shirt is the CV logo. Tee shirts are made of durable cotton and will be offered in black or white and come in a variety of sizes. All tee shirts are priced at $25 each, plus tax and any shipping via USPS are additional. PLEASE DO NOT COMBINE APPAREL ORDERS WITH WINE PURCHASES. THANK YOU!