Valiant “The Stoutheart” – 8oz

Online Price: $10.00

We have found this blend to be an epic reminder of the humble roots of coffee history. First created by Arabic traders who wanted to keep a tight grip on their coffee monopoly, they would roast it dark so the seed (coffee bean) would have no potential to grow. This Blend is Bold, dark and deep. It has a full body and strong finish. Rich and robust it is a blend not be taken lightly. Brew in a French Press, old-school perc or Mr. Coffee Brewer. Drink when its hot and steaming. Tasting Notes: "Primarily Central American, we keep a steady rotation of beans for this blend. If its got notes of spice, herbs, or dark chocolate, its going in. Its roasted dark, so there isn't much left of the natural organic compounds, Maillard reactions have continued so far the bean is on the verge of black. All beans are SHG EP and top grade Arabica." - Valiant Coffee - Valiant Coffee Started in the Fall of 2014 with Luke Noland, Kayla Werner and Erik Werner. We started in a garage at a families house in Newcastle who were kind enough to let us use the space. We roasted there for two years, selling to a few small shops and a handful of local establishments, and friends. In 2017 We relocated to Loomis to a proper industrial warehouse where we are now growing and establishing out business. Valiant Coffee is Delivered Weekly To Carpe Vino or More if Needed