“Chicago Dogs” For a Cause! Tomorrow 5pm!

This has been one of the most devastating years of natural disasters we have ever witnessed in our 16 years of business. The list of catastrophes is overwhelming and the amount of support needed by those affected is equally overwhelming.  Only 40 days ago, Carpe Vino orchestrated a “Texas BBQ To-Go” Hurricane Relief Meal which sold 300 meals and provided $5600 to the Greater Houston Community Foundation.  Little did we know more tragic devastation would soon follow (worldwide) and the greater call for more assistance.

As the California wildfires have raged now for a week, the coverage on the news does not give the full scope of what those on the front lines are experiencing.  We have done our best to keep in touch with our friends and colleagues and luckily most are safe, uninjured and still have homes.  The stories of evacuating in the middle of the night, or being displaced for several nights only to sneak across blocked roads to see if their house is still standing…seems fictional.  IT ISN’T!

Our industry changed last Monday,  with damage (especially smoke) to wineries, vineyards and ash covered fruit yet to be harvested, will need time to truly see the complete scale of monetary fallout.  The entire economy from tourism-to-local business has changed.  The economic chain that one business creates can impact hundreds of businesses and/or people (we know this all too well at CV).  In the case of the North Bay…multiply this by 100 businesses as a reference point and you can see how many people this will affect, locally, nationally and in this case worldwide.

So, what are we going to do?  One of Carpe Vino’s cult-classic dishes might surprise those considering CV prides itself as a farm-to-table, California-themed, French-inspired restaurant.  That cult-classic dish that gets folks droolin’ at the mouth and lining-up an hour before available is Carpe Vino’s “Chicago Dog.”  With the Chicago Cubs making their third appearance, in three years, to the NLCS we thought we would break out the CV “totally-custom” hawker cart and sell good ole Chicago Dogs during the games this week.  Below you will find the dates & location of where to get the cult-classic CV Chicago Dog.

Tuesday, October 17th, CARPE VINO WINE BAR ONLY (5-8 pm)

Wednesday, October 18th, CARPE VINO WINE BAR ONLY (5-8 pm)

Thursday, October 19th, DOWNTOWN AUBURN Co-Op (Downtown Auburn 5-8 pm *weather permitting*)

Saturday, October, 21st, CARPE VINO WINE BAR ONLY (1-4:30 pm) -if game necessary

**If (when) Cubs continue to the World Series we will release a calendar at that time.***

Our goal is to raise funds for the people of the North Bay and we will be contributing to both the Napa Valley Community Foundation and Sonoma Valley Community Foundation.  These organizations provides funds to multiple community needs and will help all victims, including animals.  We have ordered 1000 Vienna Beef Hot Dogs and with each dog sold CV will donate a portion of the proceeds to the above foundations.  The more we sell the more we are able to give!  Don’t want to come in but want dogs?  To-Go Boxes will be available if you rather just take them home!

What’s On a Chicago Dog???