Donation Policy

Inundated with Requests, We Formulate Contributions Policy

It is impossible to calculate precisely how many requests for contributions Carpe Vino has fielded during the past nine years, but the number has escalated recently, so we have decided to codify a process for those seeking assistance. In a perfect world, we would truly like to respond positively to all requests, but that just isn’t financially feasible.

Often, we will be approached for assistance from people we have never met. And all too often, requests are vague or, simply, “how about just a case of wine.” We are not interested in the “public relations” value of offering assistance. What’s important to us are these factors:

Does the request have a direct impact on Auburn? Our priority is in making a difference locally, though we have contributed outside the region.

Is the person seeking assistance a Wine Club member of Carpe Vino? We seek to support the causes about which our best clients are passionate.

Is this something important to the staff of Carpe Vino? If a charitable activity appeals to us personally, we’ll support it.

Effective immediately, we will only accept written requests for contributions, which may be hand-delivered, mailed or emailed. We will respond in a timely manner. All inquiries must include a specific request.

Generally, we will not purchase sponsorships, advertising, tables or tickets associated with a charitable event. Our preference is to provide gift certificates rather than bottles of wine.

The following types of requests are low priorities:

Activities sponsored by schools, including private schools and sports teams. There are simply too many schools to support and since we cannot fulfill all requests, we will focus our giving in other areas.

Activities sponsored by churches, for the same reasons noted above.

Amateur sports teams or sport event sponsorships.

Fund raisers for individual persons in the community. While there is so much need, we must invest in programs that service larger numbers of deserving people.

Requests for funds supporting activities outside of our local area: we respond to Auburn requests first; Placer County second, all others third.

We appreciate the hard work of volunteers who spend their valuable time in support of worthwhile and deserving charities. We will do our best to help, and we hope this information provides insight into our priorities. Thank you.