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In nearly 14 years of operating Carpe Vino, Santa Gary and Drew have had our share of great moments and personal achievements.  At the top of the list is launching our proprietary wine label:  the Shiner brand.  So far, as a small-time négociant, we have brought three wines to market.  Our Shiner 15.1 Cabernet Sauvignon (Paso Robles), our largest release, continues to develop brilliantly, and we’re on the verge of selling out the 150 cases we bottled.

With the quest of emptying the Shiner shelves before the New Year, we’re offering the remaining stock at our very best price:  $15.99 per bottle when you purchase at least six.  That’s a 40% discount off retail, and $2 per bottle less than the lowest prices we’re currently offering on our web site when you purchase six ($95.94 plus tax and requested shipping).

The Shiner concept is simple: we seek out outstanding wines from across California vinted by noted or up-and-coming winemakers who need to make room in their barrel rooms.  We acquire finished bottles and apply the Shiner label.  We are unable to divulge the name of the winemaker or specific vineyard, but we assign our personal pledge and guarantee that the juice is of impeccable provenance, quality and value.

So it is with the Shiner 15.1 Cabernet Sauvignon.  Absolutely.

shiner_single.145541Santa Gary’s Tasting Notes (from the original release):

I’m all atwitter about this second Shiner release, and it was worth the wait:  an absolutely rich and balanced wine at a price that will make the person responsible for administering your household budget smile broadly.

You like fruit?  15.1 delivers a boatload.  The dense blue berry flavors harmonize gently with mouthwatering acidity and smooth tannins.  The finish has the persistence of the Bush family’s bottomless pit of presidential candidates.

I first tasted this wine using a Coravin Wine Access System (a device for extracting a single pour from a bottle without unsealing), but relented immediately and uncorked the bottle.  After one night I sample it again, and 15.1 behaved like a Marine recruit graduating from Parris Island. . .a raw youth entered; a chiseled, mature warrior exited.

This wine rates a case in my cellar so I can track changes as it develops over time.  I truly loved this wine, and I insist you will, too.

Blend:  80%+ cabernet sauvignon, enhanced by other Bordeaux varietals and Tempranillo.
Alcohol:  14.9%
Cases Available:  Less than 150
Vineyard Location:  Paso Robles
Winemaker:  That’s classified
Price:  $24.99 per bottle, $15.99 on purchase of 6 or more

This wine is shines more brightly than the nose on Rudolph’s snout, and Santa Gary guarantees it will brighten every holiday celebration.  To get yours, light up the “Buy Now” button and we’ll have your order ready before you can say, “Ho, Ho, Hum!”

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All deals are valid through December 24, 2013 or as long as supplies last (except gift card discount).