Meet The Staff

Carpe Vino Staff, Up Close & Personal

“If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it one thousand times from Carpe Vino customers:  “Your staff is terrific.”

“It’s true.  Carpe Vino has always seemed to attract immensely qualified, over-the-top professional staff—in both the back and front of the house (kitchen and dining room, to be abundantly clear).   People love working in the “Friendly Confines”, and we love them back.

“Though some Carpe Vino staffers have been with us for nearly a decade and many have abundant fans, how much do we really know about them?  Our new column, 18 Questions, will help change that.  We’ll ask our peeps the same 18 questions with the goal of revealing more about each of them.  Plus we’ll illustrate each column with a photo of our staffer out of uniform (in most cases, but not all).

“Our goal is to profile our growing cadre of colleagues through our weekly newsletter, Window on Old Town, we’ll archive them on this page.  Check back occasionally in case you miss a post because we will reveal all!”