Kendal Lund: Server Captain

kendall lundIn 15 years of owning Carpe Vino, I’ve offered a prospective employee a job during the initial interview just one time—to the young man being profiled this week: Kendal Lund. It wasn’t because he wore a suit to the interview; or because he was poised and articulate; or because his fine dining service experience was truly legit.

No, I hired him instantly because Carpe Vino was the first place he applied after moving to the Sacramento area from Seattle, and I wasn’t going to let this young pro get away.

Kendal fit in immediately and, as far as I have observed, he is universally appreciated by everyone in the Friendly Confines. He has an indefatigable work ethic; he has a precise understanding of how to assess each table’s needs; he is the consummate team player; and he steps up without being asked. He’s a true professional, and I know Carpe Vino is blessed every night he is in the building. —gary


1. Position and start date: Server, Captain. September 2016

2. Birthplace: Richfield, UT

3. Family: Are you married, engaged, children. . .? Married, no Children.

4. How did you get started in the hospitality business; where else have your worked? I got my first job in hospitality at Salish Lodge and Spa (Snoqualmie, WA) in 2003. Prior to moving to Sacramento, I was the Assistant Food and Beverage manager at Cedarbrook Lodge in Seattle, WA.

5. College or formal hospitality training: Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from University of Washington.

6. The part of your job you like best: Getting to know the guests is the most rewarding part of working at Carpe Vino. It is always exciting to build relationships with the people in our community and continue to surprise and delight the most frequent diners.

7. If you ran this joint, what would you change? I would turn the garden area behind the building into a little live music venue where we would have happy hour offerings during the summer months.

8. The book on your nightstand is: Praise by Robert Hass

9. What do you do for fun? Play music, spend time with family and dabble in the kitchen.

10. What’s your passion? Music. I play guitar, harmonica, and if I really want to scare the neighbors I dust off my trumpet.

11. In five years, I’ll be. . .: Running a little cafe and arts venue with live music that supports local artists and musicians.

12. Favorite Carpe Vino dish: Puree of Mushroom soup. It is everything you could dream of on a winter’s night— rich, silky texture and outstanding flavor.

13. Favorite restaurant, other than Carpe Vino: The Painted Lady in Oregon wine country.

14. Favorite wine: I am a huge Oregon Pinot Noir fan. Chapter 24 is one of my favorite producers. I’m also a huge fan of Alsatian whites.

15. What would we be surprised to learn about you? My wife and I have lived in three states—Texas, Washington, and California— in two years of marriage.

16. What do you like best about living in the Foothills? It is close to everything you could want: wine country, the ocean, the mountains and San Francisco are all just a few hours away.

17. What one quality of yours do you think makes you most successful at your job? My commitment to continuous learning. Through the study of wine and food, I strive constantly to stay engaged to keep getting better at what I do.

18. Who in the whole world inspires you most and why? My Mother inspires me. She has taught me kindness and courage are the foundation of happiness and success.