After More than a Decade, Wine Thing Still Rules

In any kind of business, durability is key to survival. And if anything in Carpe Vino’s bag of tricks fulfills this credo, it is our annual Wine Thing Mega Sale, scheduled this year for January 25 from noon till 3 p.m. We’ll have our best distributors and brokers in attendance, opening in excess of 75 different labels representing a wide range of varietals and price points.

And it’s all free and exclusive for our beloved Wine Club members.

This is our 11th year of hosting Wine Thing and the format is unchanged: Members are provided a stem for tasting (to be returned) along with a list of all wines being poured, stations and prices. . . with discounts. For your convenience, we will send an email prior to the event so you can get a head start on what we will be pouring. Taste anything you wish, but remember you must taste not drink. . . and do so responsibly.

Also, this is clearly positioned as a buying event, and the pricing structure makes it a no-brainer: our sliding discount schedule starts at 5% for any purchase, with an additional 1% for each bottle up to a maximum discount of 24% on purchases of two cases or more, mix & match. It just doesn’t get any better than this when you factor in the variety and quality of wines we’re presenting! Plus, discounts extend to most wines in stock in the store except for allocated and “best-price” wines (which still help build to the maximum discount).

Smart money doesn’t go home without ordering at least two cases.

We’ll have palate cleansers for tasters along with bottled water. Wine Thing veterans come early to beat the crowds. All three rooms and the Wine Mine will be used, so circulate to other areas to seek out less crowding.

When you are finished, simply complete your purchase form and turn it in to a Carpe Vino employee. We’ll bill your credit card on file and have your wine ready for pick up within 10 days or so. You’ll be notified by email when your order is complete!

Wine Club members only will be admitted, two per membership. . .no exceptions. If you are not currently a member, it’s not too late to join. Click here for details.

We’ll be re-setting the building in time for guests to join us for our Citrus Serenade prix-fixe dinner described in the next story. . .