April 15th is Tax Rebate Deja vu All Over Again

uncleSamCash.084357There are three sure things in this life:  Death, taxes and a great deal at Carpe Vino during our annual April 15th Tax Day event.  Even though Uncle Sam may have hammered you this year, you can put it all behind you by joining us this Friday for a federally back and insured rebate plan:

Come on into Carpe Vino, and all day April 15th, (for one-day only until 10 p.m.), we’re taking savings to another level when you spend a Benjamin in Carpe Vino. . .we’ll issue you a gift card for $20.  And for every complete increment of $100 spent (BEFORE TAX/SHIPPING), we’ll add another $20 to the card.  All gift cards earned will be mailed to recipients early the following week.

Makes no difference if you purchase retail wine, or wine and food at the bar or in the restaurant, it all counts towards the “rebate” gift card that you can use on a future visit to Carpe Vino.  And you don’t need to show up to qualify—we’d love to take your phone or online order and mail you a gift card for qualifying purchases.
 So, to make it crystal clear, spend $100 (BEFORE TAX/SHIPPING) and earn a $20 gift card; spend $200 (BEFORE TAX/SHIPPING) and earn a $40 gift card; spend $300 (BEFORE TAX/SHIPPING) and earn a $60 gift card—you get the picture.  Keep in mind, though, if you spend $179, you get a $20 gift card.

So plan on dropping by for Chicago Hot Dogs on Friday and invest at least a Benjamin at Carpe Vino. . .it’s the tasty and frugal choice that would make Benjamin Franklin smile.  (P.S.  The “death and taxes” reference is credited to Ben himself.)