“Breakfast Pack” perfect pairing for lazy days!


We all know the classic American Breakfast usually contains the essentials, hot crispy bacon, silky scrambled eggs, and herb roasted potato’s.  But, there are other essential ingredients that are a must, and Carpe Vino has them for you in our first  “Breakfast Wine” 6 pack combo deal!  For starters, move over Bloody Mary and get your tastebuds started with a killer new sparkling wine from John Anthony Truchard, called “Toast.”  Produced by John Anthony Truchard this 200 case non0vintage sparkling wine is spectacular with bright, fruit flavors and ofcourse crisp, clean bubbles that would be the perfect starter for any lazy Saturday or Sunday (or Monday-Friday) morning!  Why stop with just some toast when it so much better with “BUTTER!”

Ding, Ding, Ding….BUTTER (again made by John Anthony Truchard) just happens to be CV’s #1 selling wine in Carpe Vino this year.  It’s that classic California chard with butter and oak overtones very similar to wines such as Rombauer and Frank Family but for half the price!  Now to complete the trifecta there is just one more ingredient that would make this meal perfect,  JaM.  Yes, JaM Red Wine comprised of zin and petite sirah will definitley make your lazy day complete!

If you do purchase this fantastic “Breakfast Pack” you will be receiving all three wines at their best discounted (or 6 bottle+ promotion) price.  Now most combo packs are limited because we are featuring a wine that is limited and this deal is unfortunately no different.  Originally, we only received ONE case of the TOAST sparkling wine but that wine recently “opened up” and we grabbed all that we could…5 cases.  So that said, when the TOAST is gone…no more deal!


TBJ.1633212 Bottles of Toast NV Sparkling (California) @ $24.95/bottle

2 Bottles of Butter Chardonnay 2013 (California) @ $14.99/bottle

2 Bottles of JaM Red Wine 2012 (California) @ $14.99/bottle

ALL FOR JUST $109.96 (before tax/shipping if applicable)






Toast NV Sparkling Wine (California)  $24.99/bottle net
Winery Tasting Notes:
“Toast is a non-vintage Méthode Champenoise sparkling wine with the secondary fermentation taking place in the bottle, riddled and all. Upon disgorgement, we added a touch of Muscat in the dosage which makes Toast a perfect compliment to our California Chardonnay, Butter and our Cabernet Sauvignon, JaM. Aromas of honeydew, white peach and orange blossoms will entice you. The palate is bright, fruity and well balanced with flavors of light toast and pear with hints of tropical pineapple and honeydew. It is fresh and fruity on one level, rich and sumptuous underneath, making Toast a perfect wine for any celebration.”

2013 Butter Chardonnay (California)
$17.99/bottle or $14.99/bottle on six+
Winery Tasting Notes:
“Delivering on its name, this wine has an ethereal creaminess on the palate, woven with smooth vanillin scented oak. Tropical flavors of pineapple and honeydew intertwine delicately on the mid pallet and linger on to the finish.”

2012 JaM Red Wine (California)
$17.99/bottle or $14.99/bottle on six+
Winery Tasting Notes:
“On the palate, fruit aromas and flavors surround the senses. JaM Red Wine is filled with complex hints of black plum and ripe cherries. Pepper merging with tobacco, coffee and dark choclate flavors are abundant with every sip. A well-balanced red blend making the perfect “go-to” wine for any wine lover and compliments any dish.”

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