Even though Carpe Vino is fully committed for Valentine’s Day Dinner, it doesn’t mean you can’t send a treat to that special someone today!!!  This is just a friendly reminder of two outstanding ways to give the gift of Carpe Vino – easily and quickly! 



The perfect venue for a four-star celebration, this “Dinner for Two” package includes an appetizer to share, two soups or salads, two entrees and dessert to share. This “Dinner for Two” ($150 value) includes the cost of dinner, tax and gratuity – everything except the wine. Just fill out the required information and Carpe Vino will mail a personalized “Dinner for Two” gift certificate (as shown in the banner) directly to the recipient. Once the gift certificate has been processed Carpe Vino will send you an email with a PDF copy of your receipt.

To redeem the “Dinner for Two” gift certificate is simple. Your recipient chooses their day to celebrate their special occasion. Next, your recipient calls the restaurant at 530-823-0320 and let us know the date chosen and that they have a pre-paid “Dinner for Two” gift certificate. From there, we will take care of the rest!!!

(“Dinner for Two” gift certificates are not applicable for special events, to be used during regular dinner service hours only.)

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E-Gift Cards

Delivered to Phone via Email OR Text Instantly!
Can Even Schedule for a Future Date!

***E-GIFT Cards Available For Restaurant Only***

One of the best new features of our new restaurant point-of-sale system is the easy accessibility for customers to order E-GIFT cards.  With just a couple clicks (or taps) you can INSTANTLY send someone an electronic gift card for any domination directly to their phone via email or text.  Best part…they (or you) can re-load the E-GIFT card at any time!  SWEETNESS!!!

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