Carpe Vino is No Longer Cloaked in the Darkness of Night

CV sign


Visit Old Town Auburn after dark, and with the exception of neon beer signs peering through restaurant windows, the limited illumination comes from building interiors, street lamps and the iconic California Club neon sign.  Signage restrictions—especially banning of neon lighting–have made it very difficult to even marginally identify businesses in “Lower Town”.  That all changed last night when we turned on the LED backlights illuminating four new signs featuring our current logo, which was updated several years ago.

When we petitioned Auburn’s Historic Design Review Commission during its June 16 session, members agreed unanimously to approve our plan, one that had been endorsed by city staff of the Auburn Planning Department.  Because signs are backlit with LED bulbs instead of neon, both entities agreed the lighting was subtle, attractive and did not diminish the ambiance of Old Town.

So last night, Auburn photographer Keith Sutter was on hand to take photos of the updated façade to use with our marketing materials.  This is the third time Keith has recorded changes we’ve made to the exterior.

With the improved signage, in front and on the side of the building, we’re confident that with this enhanced visibility, customers will now be able to locate Carpe Vino with ease.  And certainly, the new look is stylish and elegant!  We’ll be publishing Keith’s photos soon.

We’d like to offer a big “Thank You” to Jeff Stewart of River City Signs for all of his hard work in completing this complex project. And Kudos to our intrepid designer, Michele Tuggle, for her creativity with the designs.


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