Thursday night, Governor Newsom released a historic press conference ordering Californians to “stay at home” for non-essential workers.  Even with this mandate our restaurant is allowed to stay open for “To-Go” service.  WE REPEAT…CARPE VINO’S RESTAURANT WILL REMAIN OPEN FOR “TO-GO” ORDERS tonight and the foreseeable future.  Information with hours of availability, menus and ordering are all provided below. 

CV Wine & Spirits will also continue to be open for regular business hours!  We have already begun moving inventory from our restaurant to CV Wine & Spirits to offer you a wider selection of outstanding wines and spirits for you to purchase.  Please feel free to contact us directly for wines & spirits you may be looking to acquire at or 530-823-0320.  Also, stay tuned for new delivery options we will broadcast in another email later today!

Both of Carpe Vino & CV Wine & Spirits now have “TEXT” lines available for you to easily pick-up both your food or wine/spirits purchases curbside.  These “TEXT” lines are specific to each business individually and/or their brick and mortar buildings.  Instructions provided below at the bottom of this email.

Carpe Vino Restaurant TEXT LINE – (802) GET-FOOD or ‪(802) 438-3663‬

CV Wine & Spirits TEXT LINE – (307) GET-WINE or (307) 438-9463‬



We understand there are numerous restaurants you can support during these unprecedented times and we appreciate your consideration of Carpe Vino. We have been working hard to reinvent our small business/practices on a daily basis and now have been informed we’re limited strictly to curbside service aka “to-go” orders. Instead of preparing one item/meal (NO LASAGNA AVAILABLE) we have decided to introduce a “condensed menu.” Our goal will be to create a revolving “to-go” menu (for the foreseeable future) that will showcase yummy dishes that “travel well” all while not jeopardizing the quality you have come to expect of Carpe Vino.

There were a lot of things we forecasted to happen with the shutting down of restaurants/businesses, but one we didn’t see coming was the difficulty in getting supplies from our food vendors. Due to the quarantine in SF, our vendors have boarded up until this storm passes and what we can still get is very limited. In fact, yesterday we were told there is no all-purpose flour available, so we spent the morning scouring grocery stores to find some to get us by. Hence, our menu will incorporate the best of what we can get!

To order, just select how many of each item you would like to purchase and complete the information requested at the bottom of the order form. ALL PRICES LISTED INCLUDE TAX. We are also adding a “gratuity” line that will be dispersed amongst our staff members (ALL STAFF MEMBERS).  Lastly, BE SURE TO SELECT YOUR PICK-UP TIME.

All we can say is we are in this for the long haul and will continue to find creative ways to bring a little happiness to you one bite-at-a-time.

Carpe Vino Restaurant (Temporary Hours):

Tuesday – Saturday “To-Go” Menu Available Only (Pick-Up Between 5-7PM)

Stay tuned for updates regarding restoring dine-in/bar hours of operation!

CV Wine & Spirits Bottle Shop – Regular Hours

to go order

pick up menu




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Earlier this week we launched a new program at CV Wine & Spirits, that allows are customers to “TEXT” us in advance to receive CURBSIDE pick-up service!  It has been extremely well received which got us thinking….”Why not create a TEXT line for the the restaurant too!”

As “To-Go” food and “Curbside” pick-up will be our new norm in the foreseeable future this seemed like a perfect idea.  So, if you make an order with us to pick-up in the near future (which we hope you will), just text us 20-30 mins before your arrival with your FULL NAME.  Once you arrive, just pull up in the “yellow-zone” directly in front of Carpe Vino, text us again and will bring out your order!

Carpe Vino’s new TEXT# is 802-GET-FOOD (802-438-3663)!

This new TEXT line (no voice service) is specifically and for sole use of Carpe Vino’s Restaurant.  

We appreciate your continued business and support.

The CV Crew