Carpe Vino’s “Club Cru” is a Game-Changer


With a little help from the faithful, Carpe Vino’s newest venture–Club Cru–will open as early as August. We’re building a private event center expressly and exclusively for our 1,200 Wine Club members.

There are just a few times in the lifecycle of most businesses that are truly pivotal. . .precious moments when decisions or changes are made that truly help define the future.  We’re at just such a crossroad at Carpe Vino with the launch of “Club Cru,” an event center we are building exclusively for Wine Club members.  This private facility in our new building on Court Street directly behind the restaurant has the potential to be a true game-changer; we’re creating a new, personal paradigm that we believe will propel our business to the next level.

Our experience over the past 14 years has been that whenever we expanded our footprint, our business enters a growth spurt.  This is the fourth time we’ve added new space, and the previous revenue increases have always been meaningful.  But with the launch of Club Cru, we’re anticipating exponential results.

Click here for insight into our plan for Club Cru and how you can help bring it to fruition.  See our video in which Drew and I outline all of the details, and learn how you can participate and be richly rewarded for joining our “crowdfunding” program, a proven method for helping bring exciting, innovative projects to life.

We’re confident you’ll understand why we’re so excited about Club Cru. Thanks very much for your interest and continued support.


gary & Drew