Sunday, May 5th is “Cinco de Mayo!”  Though we will NOT be open on Sunday, you can still get your “Cinco de Mayo” fix at Carpe Vino Thursday – Saturday.  On Thursday, May 2nd from 6-8PM, CV Wine Club Members can taste SIX different agave spirits (Tequila & Mezcal) in the Carpe Vino wine mine.  Next to whiskey, agave is the fastest growing segment in the spirits industry and CV has taken a very quiet, but extremely calculated approach to growing our collection of some of these harder-to-find Tequilas and Mezcals.  Are you a lover of Tequila and Mezcal?  Than you must come Thursday night (no tickets or reservations necessary!  Are you one of those that hate Tequila and Mezcal…just the thought of it makes you squirm?  THAN THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST ATTEND EVENT, because this line-up will most definitely change your mind!  Below is the line-up to be tasted on Thursday night!

Tequila & Mezcal tasting

(Listed From Left-To-Right)


G4 Tequila Blanco (Jalisco, Los Altos) 750ML – $47.95/retail
ALC: 40%
Still: Copper
Age: None

La Gritona Reposado (Jalisco, Los Altos, Single Estate) 750ML – $32/retail
ALC: 40%
Still: Stainless
Age: Whiskey Barrels

Fortaleza Anejo (Jalisco, Los Altos, Single Estate) 750ML – $89.95/retail
ALC: 40%
Still: Copper
Age: American White Oak Barrels, Whiskey Barrels


Madre Mezcal “FLASK” (Oaxaca, Mexico) 200ML – $21/retail
Regular Bottle (750ML) also available – $52.50/retail

ALC: 45%
Maguey: Espadin & Cuiche 

Bozal “Espandin – Barril – Mexicano” (Oaxaca, Mexico) 750ML – $49.95/retail
ALC: 47%
Maguey: Espadin, Barril, Mexicano
***100 Points Tasting Panel***

Del Maguey “San Pablo Ameyaltepec” Mezcal (Puebla, Mexico) 750ML – $135.00/retail
ALC: 47%
Maguey: Papalote, Pizorra
***96 Points “Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2017”***

Remember, CV Wine Club Members receive a 10% discount off the sticker price up to 11 bottles.  Mix/match or purchase a solid 12+ bottles of wine and spirits members receive a 15% discount.


What about a “Cinco de Mayo” inspired dish?  Chefs Tim Dube & Olivia Poulos, along with Pitmaster Spencer Smith have collaborated to create a Pork Posole & Barbacoa Taco special that will be available Thursday-Saturday both in the restaurant and bar from 5-9pm.  Along with this dining special, the entire restaurant menu will be available!

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