Chew on this Heritage Lodi Zin for Peanuts


Though we love the copious amount of rainfall in recent weeks, Santa Gary would love to see Old Town covered in snow again for Christmas. Photo courtesy of the the Placer County Visitors Bureau.

Gary.070129When Drew assembles a list of wines for our holiday wine sales program, you can be assured of one thing. . .at some point during the week, we’re gonna present a killer zinfandel for your consideration.  And here it is: the 2010 ZaZin, everyday priced at $17.99 per bottle or just $13.99 each when you purchase six or more. . .a discount of 22%.  Okay, that’s a decent savings—perhaps not monumental, but when you understand that this vintage of ZaZin is nearly sold out, you’d better getcha some before it’s history!





At Carpe Vino, we’re suckers for oddball, one-of-a-kind, break-the-mold style of winemakers and winemaking. . .and we’ve come up big time on all levels with the 2010 ZaZin.  First, it’s a monstrous motha. . .immense on every level. . .from ginormus Lodi “heritage” fruit—mouth puckering, tongue staining and ever-lasting on the palate.  Second, it’s hard to find the stuff—I was unacquainted until Drew brought it for our 7 Holiday Deals.  And third, it’s nearly free when you step up and snag a six-pack.

ZaZin is from Tierra Divina Vineyards, a virtual operation that produces wine from just two regions:  Lodi, as noted, and. . .wait for this. . .Mendoza, Argentina.  Has to be the only winemaking operation focused on such far-flung vineyard locations.

And as you would expect, the entire crew is free-spirited.  Winemaker and owner Patrick Campbell previously owned vineyards in Sonoma; his daughter handles national sales from San Francisco; and he has an “economic consultant” in New England.

What Santa Gary really appreciates, however, is Campbell’s philosophy on seeking fruit.  He goes after what he calls “heritage” vineyards, or in marketing-speak, “old vine”.  He’s on the hunt for vineyard operators who have resisted fads and simply stuck with what they’ve always done.  And the result is vineyards with character, producing concentrated flavors in reduced quantities.  The result is juice like you get in ZaZin.

Alcohol Level:  14.9%
Cases Produced:  1,200
Blend:  90% zinfandel; 10% petit sirah
Winemaker:   Patrick Campbell and Ray Kaufman

Just thinking about this zinfandel makes me want to pucker up.  If you are struck with the same sensation, plant a big kiss on the “Buy Now” button and order up six bottles for the holidays and beyond!







Santa Gary

All deals are valid through December 24, 2013 or as long as supplies last.

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