Chicago Cubs in Playoffs = HOT DOGS!

As most of you know, Gary and I have been life-long CUBS fans and generally when the MLB season comes to a close we end up always saying…”Wait til next year!”  It’s been hard living in Northern California watching all the success of the Giants winning three times in the past five years.  We have always been loyal…bleeding blue, white and red.  Even when we first opened Carpe Vino we stayed true to our roots and hung a white CUBS flag on the front of Carpe Vino throughout the entire baseball season.  We would hear about it (almost every day) from both Giants and A’s fans but all-in-all, I think people just liked we were baseball fans!

The past few years, during the opening week of baseball, we wanted to do something special to recognize the start of the Major League Baseball season.  Only one thing came to mind… “Chicago-style Hot Dogs!”  The CV special was instantly huge, so huge, that even though we satisfied the hot dog craving for many, we inevitably always end up with disgruntled patrons as well.  WHY?  Simple…we always run out!

Here’s the deal.  We have to order all of the buns…”S. Rosen poppy seed buns” direct from Wisconsin.  Sport peppers and the classic neon relish…straight from Vienna Beef in Chicago.  It takes a lot of time/money/coordination to bring you one of the most authentic Chicago-style Dog you can get west of the MISSISSIPPI!


So why now!  For those of you not aware, the Chicago Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1909.  Yup…over 100 years and counting!  If you need a little refresher on our loveable losers check out his video (CLICK HERE) and don’t mind the music.  They have made the playoffs a few times in that 100 year span, with one of the most memorable appearances being October 14th, 2003 when the Cubs had a 3-1 series lead and were only 5 OUTS away from moving onto the World Series.  Then this happened: (CLICK HERE). Hey, we don’t blame Mr. Bartman (entirely) but it is true that the wheels definitely fell off and the Marlins scored 8 runs and then won Game 7 to move on and eventually become World Series champs.

A lot has happened since that October evening including new ownership (Ricketts Family), kinda-new stadium (5 year renovation project) and amazing new leadership headed-up by GM Theo Epstein and finally a new manger in Joe Maddon (formerly with Tamba Bay).  This year the Cubs were predicted to have a good year…with an even more promising year on the way in 2016.  Taking the North-side by storm, we have won 90+ games, clinched a playoff berth and will most likely will be playing the Pittsburg Pirates in the first round of the NL playoffs next week.

We are believers and with playoffs starting on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6th, we decided that Carpe Vino would bring back the CHICAGO-STYLE DAWGS for one evening.  We will be offering up 100 Dawgs in the CV Wine Bar ONLY from 5-9pm (cost 1 for $8 or 2 for $15).  We know the CUBS don’t play until Wednesday, but we have had a restaurant “buy out” scheduled since literally spring training.  So love’em or hate’em (the Cubs that is) still come on down and enjoy some dawgs…one last time this season!

The Dawg!

We have a limited supply of truly authentic dogs available, with all of the fixings, dogs and buns imported from Chicago: S. Rosen poppy seed buns, steamed before serving; all-beef Vienna brand hot dogs; neon green relish; sport peppers; dill pickle spear; tomato, onion and yellow mustard (French’s is traditional).  The secret ingredient—the component that distinguishes this tasty treat—is celery salt.  Trust me on this.

My annual warning is this, take heed:  Anyone who requests ketchup will be summarily and without warning ejected from the premises.

Hope to see you at the Friendly Confines…10/6/15 @ 5pm!

Drew, gary and the CV Crew!