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COMPASS BOX “Malt Whisky” 50ML GIFT PACK (Scotland)

$21.95/bottle Non-Member Price


No Further Discounts – Only 11 Gift Sets In Stock



The Peat Monster, The Spice Tree and The Story of the Spaniard

In our travels around the world, we are constantly looking out for new ideas for sharing and enjoying Scotch whisky. Given the breadth of styles in the Compass Box collection, we can really embrace all the ways you can use Scotch whisky. Here, we share ideas with you to inspire the next time you’re out with friends, entertaining at home, or just celebrating the end of the day.

John Glaser, Whiskymaker


What began in THE YEAR 2000 by American John Glazer, a former International Marketing Director at Johnnie Walker, has become one of the most intriguing, unique and now extremely allocated whisky labels to acquire in the world.  In his own words, Glazer “set up a different kind of Scotch whisky company, based on the long-lost model of the Scotch whisky blending house, but with a forward-looking approach and an unrelenting desire to create quality. He originally launched the business from his kitchen, but today, nearly two decades later, Compass Box has an office and Blending Room in London, its own stocks of maturing whiskies in Scotland, and more than a dozen employees.

With more spectrum of flavour and style than any other spirit, we believe Scotch whisky is one of the world’s great drinks. We’re here to help ensure it continues to evolve and surprise today’s discerning spirits enthusiasts.”

Even though we have only been purchasing COMPASS BOX little less than a year now, we have been fortunate to receive some of their most sought after expressions including; Affinity, Hedonism, Myths & Legends II, No Name No. 2, Juveniles and the list continues to grow.  ***Contact us directly by replying to this email if you have any interest in acquiring the aforementioned.***

Today’s offering, THE COMPASS BOX 50ML GIFT PACK is an excellent opportunity to taste THREE different expressions without the financial burden of purchasing a full 750ML bottle.  It also makes a terrific STOCKING STUFFER as well!  MEMBERS take full advantage of today’s offering because at $19.95/3pk this is a phenomenal opportunity!


“This is a beautifully designed and constructed gift pack featuring a rip-roaring trilogy of CB big hitters: The Peat Monster, The Spice Tree and The Story of the Spaniard, each of which isolates and amplifies a facet of Scotch whisky character amid a matrix of carefully measured complexity. At once thoroughly rewarding and remarkably approachable, this gift pack will work wonders at introducing someone to the delights of whisky, or an equally terrific job of getting people to reevaluate their preconceptions around blended whisky and the art of making it.”

PEAT MONSTER – Peat Monster combines smoky and peaty single malts from the island of Islay and the Isle of Mull with rich, medium-peated Highland whisky. The result is a balanced, highly drinkable peaty blended malt Scotch whisky.

THE SPICE TREE – Since re-launching the whisky in 2009, we now use oak from the same mill in France with three different levels of toasting on the barrel heads, allowing us to blend the resultant whiskies to create additional layers of complexity. This secondary maturation lasts as long as two years. 

THE STORY OF THE SPANIARD – The newest addition to our range, we plan to produce this malt whisky once or twice per year, depending on our ability to source the quality of Spanish wine casks we require. 

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COMPASS BOX “Malt Whisky” 50ML GIFT PACK (Scotland)

$24.95/bottle Non-Member Price


No Further Discounts – Only 11 Gift Sets In Stock


Happy “WHISKEY-MAS” from our family to yours!

The CV Crew