Dawgs Aren’t for Lunch at the Friendly Confines

chicagohotdog1.141908Some folks got into quite a huff over our failure to make it clear that our recent opening day Chicago Hot Dog celebration was limited to our dinner service.  One correspondent—apparently so despondent about not being able to nosh at noon—said he was never coming back.

Oh, my!

We’ve been running this very popular promotion for at least five years and hot dogs are available at the bar only during regular dinner service.  My bad for not making that clear this year—I’m truly sorry—especially to those who made the trip to Old Town Jonesing for an authentic tube steak.

I also apologize for the fact that we ran out of dogs on Saturday night, so none were available on Sunday.  Seems like we can’t do anything right.

We’ll try to do better next year, especially if the Cubbies win the World Series in 2014.  But don’t hold your breath.