DAY 9: $50 Gift Card Déjà vu All Over Again

Here’s a real shocker: The most popular deal during our 10-day daily anniversary celebration was last Thursday when we offered our $50 gift card for $40, equivalent to a 20% discount on “purchasing” cash. So many people took advantage of this one-day-only deal that we actually ran out of gift card blanks.

Well, we’re no fools, so we’re going to run this promotion one more time, for Today and Today Only (August 16, 2012), you can purchase a $50 gift card for just $40. and with this deal, there is a strict limit of three cards per family.

Carpe Vino Gift Cards are exactly the same as cash, so use yours for any purchase . . .on wine or in the restaurant. There are no exclusions and these gift cards will never expire. They’re good till the sun burns out.

There is one rub. . .when you take advantage of this offer, we will bill your credit card and then mail your gift cards when our new supply arrives. We’re estimating they will be here in about two weeks.

Take advantage of this very sweet offer. Friday is too late. . .and if you miss this deal, well. . .sorry!