WHOA – Pictures just don’t do justice for the shear enormity of these decadent beef ribs…aka “DINO BONES.”  Also, known as the “Plate Short Ribs” (diagram below) they are the biggest, meatiest beef ribs, with one single rib tipping the scales at 1 – 2.5 lbs PER RIB!   Pitmaster Spencer Smith will be smoking these gargantuan bones, smothered in salt, pepper and mesquite seasoning, over oak for seven hours.  We only have limited amount of “Dino Bones,” TOMMOROW ONLY, available at 5pm both in the bar & dining room.

smoked “dino bone” beef short rib (1 bone per serving) | creamy grits & smoky braised greens - $35 

Drop by Carpe Vino or submit your booking for tonight (or an up-coming night) simply by clicking the button below.

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CutsOfBeef-630 IMG_04351

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