Every Day Should be “Small Business Saturday”

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are phenomenons I’ve learned to live with. . .two manufactured, commercial hypefests designed to induce easily led consumers into believing they are getting huge deals. . .so they stand in long lines or rush to their computers to spend like drunken sailors.  Ok, I get it.

What I don’t get is American Express Corporation’s promotion of “Small Business Saturday,” set this year for November 30, the day after Black Friday.  American Express is urging everyone to shop at small businesses in their communities.  Wow, what a wonderful expression of big-business love.


The way I interpret this is Amex is throwing small business a one-day bone.  The other 364 days go to the big guys—the box stores, chains and their beloved luxury brands.  Us mom & pops get one day. . .big freakin’ deal.

The real driver behind this Amex promotion is to subliminally convince viewers to use their American Express plastic. . .that and nothing more.  The rest is lip service.

If I had my way, I would not accept Amex cards for purchases at Carpe Vino because the service fee is so much higher than Visa or MasterCard (but we do so happily if that’s our customer’s plastic of choice).  Amex provides the same basic service as the others. . .and for this their customers are required to pay their balances in full every month.  Such a deal.

At Carpe Vino, every day is Bend-Over-Backwards-for-Our-Beloved-Customers Day.  Come in and we’ll prove it.


When you take advantage of Carpe Vino’s “12 Days of Christmas” promotion, we suggest you try to stop by Old Town on Saturday, December 14, or on the 21st when the historic district’s “Country Christmas” will be in full swing. Join the fun from 5 until 9 p.m. when there will be Christmas entertainment, vendors and tasty tidbits. It’s always a great evening for families. Photo By Kurt Bertilson