“Eye in the Sky” Observed In Old Town


Carpe Vino’s Air Force One is launched on a mission to
shoot Old Town from a couple hundred feet up.

Pedestrians in Old Town Auburn stopped cold in their tracks last Tuesday when an unidentified flying object buzzed overhead just before 7 p.m., cloaked in the beautiful soft light of “the golden hour,” a photographer’s delight.  It was actually Carpe Vino’s Air Force One, a drone flown by Keaton Bowlby, a videographer with Ascending Works of Reno who was working on a project for the Moffats.

Keaton flew the drone from the parking lot adjacent to the Auburn Alehouse, across the plaza and then did a fly-by of Carpe Vino.  It’s trajectory took it far above the 1898 Placer County Courthouse for a spectacular view of Old Town, followed by a low pass of our building at 165 Court St.  The footage is awesome, and we’ll be posting a video online as soon as May 1.  It’s gonna be must-see TV!