For Our Story in Pictures, Follow Us on Instagram

instagramlogo.154157You’re reading this email, so you’ll probably agree that as marketers of wine, we do a fairly decent job at Carpe Vino. . .at least when it comes to more traditional forms of promotion through opt-in emails (like this one) and through our content-rich web site.  When it comes to harnessing the power of Social Media, not so much.

We’re working on that though with a fairly solid base of followers on Facebook (1,600+), though much of the magic of this medium has vanished.  What really appeals to us now is reaching out to our peeps via Instagram.

It’s a very visual communications tool, and it’s fun when it is not employed as a commercial baseball bat to hammer home sales themes.  Our goal is to share entertaining images. . .to have fun and engage our customers.  We won’t ask you to buy anything, though we are clever enough to use tactics of latency.

Please check out what we are doing by clicking on the Instagram image.  Thanks!