Featured Artists

Carpe Vino is known for it’s great food, superb wine selections, and friendly atmosphere, but what compliments the Carpe Vino experience more than art? Below are online galleries of artists we are featuring in Carpe Vino.

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Traci Owens

Traci Owens is a self-taught artist and definitely a “Mixed Media Maddam”!! “I love all things art..acrylic, charcoal, pastels, clay, medal, texture, mosaic..they all seem to find a place in my crazy thoughts! What’s really fun is trying to figure out how I can bring all elements together in perfect harmony!!!”

Background in a pinch….After 16 years working for the state as an auditor…”I know, funny huh?”, starring at blank gray prison colored walls, AND using the wrong side of my brain for waaaaay to long….I decided to leave and chase my “TRUE PASSION”, a calling, if you may…working as a muralist. I have had the pleasure of “drawing” on many private home walls in the past…but now, I am so privileged to share my art with the public…Life just can’t get any better than that!…

Behind The Blues

Behind The Blues $1770


DeVine $1200

Full Bodied Wine

Full Bodied Wine $1200

Life Is A Cabernet

Life Is A Cabernet $1200

Midnight Temptations

Midnight Temptations $1770

Keith Sutter Photography

Keith Sutter Whether he is shooting from a remote mountain top, in his studio, or at a client’s campus, Keith brings two decades of experience creating beautiful photography of a vast range of subjects. Keith’s images have graced the pages of the world’s finest publications and bring awards to the many clients he works for. He has also received many of photography’s highest honors.

As photographer for National Geographic’s expedition studying the volcanic hazards of Baja, Keith’ photographs have been published in National Geographic Magazine. In 1992 at only 24 years of age, Keith was named “Mountain Photographer of the Year” by Summit Magazine and Britain’s Scientific Exploration Society. As the official photographer of the Royal Geographical Society’s expedition successfully crossing the Taklamakan Desert in China, Keith spent 58 days on foot crossing the world’s second largest sea of sand (780 miles.) As a finalist in “The Million Dollar Moment” photo contest Keith was featured on CBS’s Early Show. Call or contact us for pricing.








Silk Road


Outside #10


Outside #11

Michael Godard

Michael Godard Godard has been featured on Television in HBO’s Cat House, A&E’s Criss Angel’s Mind Freak, American Casino, Inked, and a myriad of other media. A documentary on Godard’s life featured at independent film festivals winning numerous awards. His Book, “Don’t Drink and Draw”, the art and life of Michael Godard, was awarded Art Book of the Year.

Oh My God…ard! These are usually the first words out of peoples’ mouths when they view Michael Godard’s artwork. Godard, known as the “Rock Star of the Art World” is currently the #1 best selling artist in the U.S. Since childhood Godard has had paint flowing thru his veins. He attended the University of Nevada in Las Vegas for Fine Arts and later attended The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Call or contact us for pricing.


7 heavenly chards


champagne kiss


classic martini


Wall Street


Daily Double


martini cove


nasbar 500


other xmas


smokin martini