Gary has Returned from Spain. . .Details to Come!


Here’s Gary’s Crew, 21 happy travelers who wined, dined, and toured their way from Madrid to Bilbao to Barcelona (in the lobby of the Parador Hotel, a former monastery in Santo Domingo, Spain).

Thirteen days seemed to flash by in an instant, and that’s because my Wine Tour of Spain was a monumental success.  This was the first time I had ever participated in an organized tour. . .much less help organize and market one. . .but it rolled out with barely a hitch.

There were 21 of us thrown together, mostly strangers, but our group gelled instantly and thanks to a combination of an amazing guide (Cesar Escuín of Earthbound Expeditions), incredible wine, amazing meals and stunning cathedrals, palaces and art museums.  We crammed so much into two weeks my head is still spinning, but I hope to have my thoughts and photos organized soon so I can share the highlights with you.

A number of my traveling friends told me it was “the trip of a lifetime,” and I have to agree!