Head’s Up: Friday Only. . .20% Off Gift Cards

gc.120925We’ve broken with our annual tradition of doing a seven-day holiday promotion because. . .well, because we’re over it, and so are many people when it comes to the endless parade of “Daily Deals” that permeate the weeks before Christmas.  Though jolly Santa Gary may have hung up his red suit, there is one offer that we just have to reprise, and that’s our one-day, super deal of 20% off Carpe Vino gift cards.

That’s right, this Friday, December 16, you get a discount on what is essentially cash money.  Try to get that kind of deal from Wells Fargo or the soon-to-be-improved Federal Reserve! Perhaps they really are very smart people.

Starting at 12 a.m., go to www.carpevinoauburn.com and place your holiday gift card order.  Your discount will be awarded a tthe time of purchase.   Or, for instant gratification, come into the shop and we’ll help you the old-fashioned way.  No matter how your transaction is executed, the deal ends promptly at 11:59.59 p.m. on Friday, no exceptions.  If you procrastinate, this deal hibernates. . .until 2017.

A couple of standard caveats regarding this deal:  First, a maximum of four cards totaling no more than $200 per person please ($160 gets you $200 worth of gift cards).   You can use the cards for any purchase in Carpe Vino.  No limitations when it comes to wine purchases (except for any already discounted, six-bottle deals offered in December and not valid at “Wine Thing” in January).  To prevent any confusion…ALL ONLINE ORDERS WILL BE MAILED.

This is our most popular promotion all year, so get your order in early before the phone system crashes or our server starts smokin’.

And, of course, please have a very Merry Christmas (The President-Elect says it is okay to say this)!