Hi, My Pen Name is Marsha White

tajmahal.205432We get spammed with tons of solicitations every week, ranging from restaurant reservation services to marketing companies promising to move Carpe Vino to the top of Google searches.  Recently, we received the email below from an unsolicited correspondent in India, pitching us on purchasing some of this grandmother’s recipes.  The only thing I was “keen” on was learning Madhavi’s pen name (boldface and italics added), as noted in the sign-off below!


I’m an author and write recipes too as books and articles. Some are on Yahoo voices!  Recently got some grandmother’s recipes for snacks that have medicinal benefits like preventing backache!  So it’s snacking while healing.   Do you want to make them in your restaurant too?

If you are keen, I can sell them to you.

Madhavi C Vasanta
Senior VP – Pagwon Ltd.
Pen name – Marsha White

F-302, Majestic Mansion,
Bhd Shoppers stop, Begumpet,
Hyderabad, India – 500016