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Tuesday: “Home-Style” Lasagna, Kale Salad, Focaccia 

Wednesday: Fried Chicken & Poutine 

Thursday: “Smoked Specialty” – St. Louis Spare Ribs, Coleslaw & Fries

(Available in both Bar / Restaurant at 5PM on night listed)

TUESDAY, MARCH 17th: “St. Patty’s Day” Prix-Fixe | Regular Dining Menu Available | NO “LASAGNA” AVAILABLE




We’ve been running the “Tuesday Night Prix-Fixe” for several weeks now, but with all the overwhelming fanfare we won’t be shutting it down anytime soon.  Tomorrow Chef Dube & Co. will be delivering their take on a classic, “Home-Style” Lasagna but of course with a Carpe Vino twist.

Think of our “TUESDAY NIGHT SPECIAL” as a “family-style meal” for one person.  This $22/meal comes with everything pictured above including; a personal cast-iron skillet overflowing with a hearty portion of Bolognese-style Lasagna smothered with delicious ricotta cheese, Kale Caesar Salad and homemade Focaccia bread.  Best part, it’s all served together, just like when you were at Uncle Tony and Aunt Tina’s house in JERZEEE!  Okay, well that’s a stretch, but you get the point.

It’s already been a long week, so let us do the cooking and belly-up to the bar and/or make a reservation now, as we will be dishing out this greatness at 5PM tonight!!!

“Home-Style” Lasagna | kale caesar salad, focaccia bread – $22

– Available both in the Bar & Restaurant starting TUESDAY NIGHT @ 5PM! –

– No substitutions, no splitting please. –

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Fried Chicken & Poutine

Fried Chicken & Poutine – Wednesday 5PM!!!

THIS —— IS —— INSANE…and it MUST GET IN YOUR BELLY!  FRIED CHICKEN and POUTINE are the new POWER COUPLE when it comes to delectable delights.  There is no question that after this email goes out, Chef Tim Dube and Co. will be dropping baskets of FRIED CHICKEN goodness right at 5PM (WEDNESDAY NIGHT)…til sold out!!!

If Southern-Style Fried Chicken wasn’t enough, Chef Dube is placing them atop a mountain of *jojo potato poutine, smothered in gruyere mornay and finished with a fine herb salad!  Honestly, I went down for pictures…took about six…picked the one that was the straightest…didn’t edit it and asked CHEF…”CAN I EAT THAT PLEASE!!!”  There is only one thing that can push this dish over-the-top…BUBBLES.  “BIRD & BUBBLES” sounds good to us!  You can have this dish DRY for $18 or WET for $24 (glass of Zardetto Prosecco at 1/2 off!).

fried chicken & jojo potato poutine | gruyere mornay, fine herb salad

DRY (no bubbles) – $18

WET (glass of Zardetto Prosecco at 1/2 off) – $24

– Available both in the bar & restaurant at 5pm Wednesday until Sold Out!  Prosecco promo only available with fried chicken special. –

*Jojo potatoes are simply potato wedges oated in a seasoned flour and then deep fried. They are crisp on the outside and soft, like a mashed potato almost, in the center.

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On Thursday night, throughout March, half-rack of St. Louis Spare Ribs will be available for $24, which includes a side of Chef Tim Dube’s creamy, tangy, absolutely delicious slaw.  SAUCES?!?  Of course, you have your choice of sauces:

shred sauce (Pitmaster Smith’s cult favorite creation) ~ Carolina-style mustard sauce, vinegar-based w/ little kick. 

bourbon bbq sauce smoky, sweet and tangy goodness.

st louis spare ribs | coleslaw and french fries – 24

– Available both in the Bar & Restaurant starting THURSDAY NIGHT @ 5PM! –

St. Patrick's Prix-Fixe Dinner

Though many of us are not “true” descendants of the Emerald Isle, we do our best each-and-every March 17th to celebrate as though green blood has always been flowing through our veins.  From cheering on the BIGGEST LITTLE ST. PATTY’S DAY PARADE that runs through Old Town (generally 5:17pm – will confirm), tipping back a Guinness or Harps, to our classic St Patty’s Prix Fixe, you can be sure to “feel the spirit” at Carpe Vino!

Once again, Chef Tim Dube will be offering a St. Patrick’s Day $40 Three Course Prix-Fixe both in the restaurant and wine bar.  So without further ado…


St. Patrick's Prix-Fixe Dinner Menu

Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 1.41.16 PM



With warmer temperatures on the horizon, it’s time to breakout something a refreshing and delcious!


“the bramble” | spirit works gin, lemon, agave, chambord, blackberry – 10


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lamb shank

lamb shank

If you are looking for sheer decadence, don’t look any further Chef Dube’s new entree edition…

tomato braised lamb shank | fregola,
fava greens, bagna cauda butter,
anchovy bread crumb, natural jus – 36



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crispy veal sweetbreadscrispy veal sweetbreads

Spring is in the air, and so it’s time to break out some new menu items!


crispy veal sweetbreads | english peas, kohlrabi, vadouvan veloute – 17


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spring salads

spring salads

Though it’s not technically spring you’d never know it wasn’t if you’ve stepped outside this past month! And so, we have two new spring salad menu items!

(left) shaved asparagus salad | whipped burrata, sieved egg, white truffle vinaigrette, cured egg yolk – 13

(right) spring pea salad| guanciale, shaved radish, hazelnut, fresh horseradish – 13


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manilas washington clams

manilas washington clams

Chef Dube thought it was time for a little change from our PEI Mussels, so he’s bringing out some delicious CLAMS that are worth checking out!!!

manilas washington clams | chorizo, green garlic, smoked tomato broth, cashew milk – 22


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chocolate martini

chocolate martini


We introduced this at Valentine’s Day but you can still try our take on a “Chocolate Martini” when visiting Carpe Vino!  Made with Titos Vodka, cream de cacao, frangelico # fresh cream, habanero bitters (optional), chocolate shaving & edible flowers – 13
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We look forward to seeing you soon,

The CV Crew