House-made Mexican Sweet “STREET CORN” Agnolotti…


(Available Thursday – Saturday)

TRUST US…BOOK NOW because this “Thursday Pick Three” of dining delicacies simply can’t be missed!  Tonight (thru Saturday) Chef Tim Dube will be plating his House-made Mexican Sweet “Street Corn” Agnolotti, unequivocally one of the best bites we have tasted this year!!!

Leg 1 of our Pick 3 starts with making this dish from scratch! Chef Tim Dube first prepares the Agnolotti pasta which is stuffed with house-made ricotta cheese and corn puree.  He then adds his butter-glazed charred sweet corn, along with cotija cheese, tajin (a seasoning of chile, lime & sea salt), all finished with cilantro.  “HOT-TIP” – be sure to crack the Agnolotti open right down the middle, as the hot ricotta cheese/corn puree will ooze out like a “runny egg” and create a dressing for the shell of the pasta.  Be sure to include an equal amount of the charred sweet corn and accompaniments as the flavors will explode on your palate like the grand finale on 4th of July.  CAN YOU TELL WE REALLY LIKE THIS DISH?!?

Mexican Sweet “Street Corn” Agnolotti | butter glazed charred sweet corn, cotija cheese, tajin, cilantro.  – $22

This dining special is available at 5PM both in the dining room & bar, Thursday – Saturday

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