If “Chicago Hot Dogs” Are Back, So is Baseball

History of Chicago HotdogThe return of Chicago Hot Dogs to the Carpe Vino menu is as reliable as the return of swallows to San Juan Capistrano.  Set your Apple Watch because once again, we’re celebrating the opening day of baseball in the Friendly Confines—Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs—from April 7 to the 12.

This year, we’ve ordered 240 S. Rosen poppy seed buns from Chicago so that we’ll have plenty in stock to satisfy the huge demand for these tasty tube steaks.  No running out this year, we promise!

It all starts with raw materials imported from Chi-town:  S. Rosen poppy seed buns, steamed before serving; all-beef Vienna brand hot dogs (sourced locally); neon green relish; sport peppers; dill pickle spear; tomato, onion and yellow mustard (French’s is traditional).  The secret ingredient is celery salt.  The poppy seed, steamed bun is essential.  Ask for ketchup and I will personally escort you to the front door.

Each lovingly prepared dog is served with the one and only classic…french fries!  Cost is $8 each or TWO dawgs for $14 (trust me, it’s worth it) and this treat is served only in the wine bar.  Ask for a hot dog in the dining room and you’ll face ejection from the game!