It’s Baaacck: “Wine Thing” Super Sale is Set for 1/24

Mark your calendars- Wine Thing is less than two weeks away!

Mark your calendar for Carpe Vino’s signature wine sale—Wine Thing—set for Saturday, January 24, from noon till 3 p.m.  This is a Wine Club exclusive event that members start queuing up for well before we open the doors.  There’s one simple reason:  it’s freakin’ awesome!

What’s not to love?  First, there are deep, deep discounts ranging up to 24% when you purchase two cases (24 bottles), mix & match.  Second, we’ll have upwards of 75 selections open for tasting, ranging in price from $15 to $100.  Third. . .it’s a free event for Carpe Vino Wine Club members only.

It’s not complicated:  Get to the Friendly Confines early, check in, grab a glass and crib sheet and start tasting.  No pushing or shoving please, this is a class joint.

We’ll have tasting stations staffed with our top brokers and distributors who all have one thing in mind:  bring out their best juice, because that’s what sells!

We suggest you download the list ahead of time (posted online a few days before Wine Thing) to pre-qualify what you’d like to taste.  With this rough guide, you’ll get through your top choices before your palate flames out.  If you need suggestions, just ask our staff.

For you newbies, here’s how the discounts work:  you receive a 5% discount on purchases of up to five bottles, with a 1% discount on each additional bottle up to 24 (that’s two cases), mix & match.  Some wines already on offer at special pricing will not be discounted further, but they will count toward building your two cases.  Discounts max at 24%, but the more you buy, the more you save (do the math!).

No reservations are required; just show up.  And remember: Wine Thing is a tasting, not a competition.  We want everyone to get home safely.

Not a Wine Club member?  Duh. . .don’t you think it’s time to join our growing clan of 1,200 members?  They’re the ones with the purple tongues.