“WIENER WEDNESDAY” is today and from noon-9pm.  THAT’S RIGHT…LUNCH BABY!!!  Available in the Carpe Vino Wine Bar Only, all “Chicago-Dogs” will be served w/ delicious and perfectly executed CRINKLE CUT FRIES!!!  Single Dog $7 or double down and do Two Dogs for $12!

What is on a Chicago Dog?  – It all starts with essential raw materials imported from the Windy City:  poppy seed buns, steamed before serving; all-beef Vienna brand hot dogs; neon green relish; sport peppers; dill pickle spear; tomato, onion and yellow mustard (French’s is traditional).  The secret ingredient is celery salt (plus Chef Alexander’s expertise); the poppy seed bun is essential.  Oh…and no ketchup.  Sorry!

Nothing goes better with Carpe Vino’s famous “CHICAGO DOG” then an ice-cold bottle of suds!  To keep that bottle of suds at its optimal temperature, one might use (arguably) the greatest invention of the last 40 years…”THE KOOZIE.”  With each purchase of a single dog or double dog you can get a PABST BLUE RIBBON 12oz BEER and a customer CARPE VINO KOOZIE for a BUCK!!!  Purchase a double-dog and you can pay TWO BUCKS for 2 PBR’s & 2 Koozies!  PBR & Koozie promotion only valid with purchase of Chicago Dog(s).

Don’t forget the CV punch card!  For every nine dogs purchased, get your tenth dog free!  Chicago-Dogs are limited to the Carpe Vino Wine Bar Only.