January Wine Club Wines Ready Next Week

compissues.114412We want you to know that we’ve been dealing with a significant software issue related to processing credit cards that has delayed availability of January Wine Club selections.  We’re confident, however, that we’ll be able to have wines ready to go early next week.

“Software issues” are frequently cited as the culprit in customer service breakdowns, and in this case, it is all too true.  Our bank’s merchant credit card processor let us know abruptly that it would no longer support the module of our Point of Sale system (for inventory control, customer records and cash drawer) that automated our monthly Wine Club credit card transactions.  We switched banks, but we still have not been able to solve the software failure.

So, for what we intend will be a brief interim period,  it will be necessary for us to run credit card transactions manually until we can purchase and install standalone Wine Club software.  With roughly 650 transactions each month, we’re faced with  a time-consuming dilemma.

This is a maddening, frustrating problem that clearly undermines our customer service objectives. Drew and I want you to know that we are very sorry for the delays and any inconvenience that may result.

We really want to get you your wine.  Wine Club members are our most important customers, and we pledge to get back on schedule just as soon as humanly (and computerly) possible.

We genuinely appreciate your patience.


Gary & Drew Moffat