Just 20 Lamb Dinners Up for Grabs This Thursday

Circa July 2014 from World Cup Party!

Our dynamic duo supplied 100%-grass fed young, whole lambs for a private party over the weekend, and it is our good fortune that a limited amount was made available to Carpe Vino.  Chef is wood-roasting this USDA-certified meat at the Friendly Confines for dinner service on Thursday, July 2.

This is a very special opportunity, because we seldom go off-menu.  And since we have just 20 dinners available for purchase, you must make reservations (phone only, 530-823-0320) and guarantee your spot with a credit card:  $49.95++ per person.  Sorry, but “no-shows” will be billed 50% for each person.

With this delicious menu, we anticipate everyone will arrive precisely on time!

First Course:  Heirloom Tomato Salad with Purslane, Shaved Cucumber, Feta, and Za’atar Flatbread.

Main Course (served family style):  Carved Wood roasted lamb with Harissa (a fiery, North African chile paste) and Charmoula (an herb sauce made from parsley and cilantro); Sautéed summer squash with garlic, mint, and lemon breadcrumbs; Freekeh with arugula, barberries, roasted onion, and yogurt.  (FYI. . .Freekeh is a whole green wheat kernel similar to a wheat berry.  Barberries are a dried fruit used commonly in Iran and have a tart flavor.)

Desert Course (choice of one):
Orange Blossom Meringue, Coffee and Cardamom Soaked Dates, Toasted Almonds.
Chocolate Ganache Cake, Caramel Plum Ice Cream, Caramelized Cacao Nibs.
Peach Profiteroles, Late Harvest Viognier Ice Cream, Caramel-Stewed Peaches

Attention:  Customers who have already made reservations for Thursday.  If you would like to order the lamb dinner, please call 530-823-0320 and let us know!  We cannot make any guarantees without confirmation.  Thanks!