Last Call: Prixe-Fixe Series Ends this Week

Say it ain’t so, Joe.  Say it ain’t so. . .

Alas, it is true.  With the completion of this week’s An Appetite for the Americas, the five-year run of Carpe Vino’s much-beloved prix-fixe series comes to an end.  The bottom line is the voluptuous woman has sung.

We’ve developed an incredible following of foodies who have made a habit out of joining us for our once-per-month, week-long prix-fixe dinners, with a new theme each time featuring 10 new dishes.  For $59.95 pp++, it is hard to beat the value and pure brilliance that Chef Alexander brings to each new menu.

The same is true for our swan-song event:  An Appetite for the Americas.  Chef Alexander has created a masterful menu that he scoured the Americas to develop, with dishes from South America, Central America and the Caribbean.  Click here to see all the details; light up your phone or the Internet to make reservations by calling 530-823-0320 or go to  Still just $59.95 pp++.

Before 86ing what has been the most successful program in our 10+ years of operating a restaurant at Carpe Vino, we gave this a lot of thought and did plenty of stalling.  The basic problem is we’re asking Chef Alexander to create 11 new menus every year and then essentially throw them away after just one week.  Plus, he has to keep the regular menu exciting as well as maintain a substantial bar menu.

Each month, Chef needed to create a totally new “mis en place” (in French, “everything in its place”) for all of the pre-prepared items required to build each dish.  Then, after just six nights, he had to start all over and revert to the regular menu’s mis en place.  That’s a lot to ask, month in and month out.

There is also another consideration:  Everything runs its course, and to stay relevant as a business, we need to keep changing. . .to keep you guessing and to give you a reason to come back.  Over the next couple of months, we will introduce a new menu approach that exploits what you’ve come to expect from us in fine dining, but is more manageable and flexible.  Don’t worry, we’re not doing a 180, but stay tuned!

For now, you’ve got one more opportunity to savor what is certainly to be another great dining tour de force.