Limited Tickets Remain For Spring Lamb Dinner!



You can’t go to many restaurants (in the world), where the star protein has been raised on the Chef’s personal farm!  TOMORROW, Carpe Vino will be elevating the “Farm-to-Table” experience with the “Four Tines Farm” Wood-Fired Whole Spring Lamb BBQ!  This three-course (w/ amuse bouche) family-style meal will embody Spanish flavors and traditions, paired excellently with several wine selections.  This will be the 3rd time that Chef’s Eric Alexander and Courtney McDonald have produced a whole lamb dinner at Carpe Vino, but their experience of raising/cooking lamb extends over a decade.

TOMORROW, ticket holders will arrive to a private, Carpe Vino event, with doors open at 6pm.  Staying with the Spanish theme, chilled Cava will be served upon arrival as you locate your seat in either one of the transformed dining rooms!  The Whole Spring Lamb BBQ will commence at 6:30pm and consist of the following courses: