Meet Artist Traci Owens on February 25

One of the most talented artists in Auburn is Traci Owens, and we’ve featured her work in Carpe Vino many times over the years.  Now, we’ve got a new installation of seven original pieces in the wine bar. . .all colorful, quirky, whimsical and delightful. . .just like Traci herself.

We’re hosting a “Meet the Artist” event on February 25 from 6 to 7:30 when you can come view the work and meet Traci, who works in acrylic, charcoal, pastels and metal. . .enabling her the title of “Mixed Media Madam.”  Self-taught, Traci said, “What’s really fun is trying to figure out how I can bring all elements together in perfect harmony.”  Most of her pieces celebrate the feminine form in amazingly creative ways.

After “using the wrong side of her brain” as an auditor for the state of California for 16 years, Traci abandoned her career and chased her true passion of working as a muralist.  Now, after a decade, she has her own studio in Downtown Auburn where she works and teaches.

She’s right when she says, “Life just can’t get any better than that!”

BTW, all of her work is for sale!