“Memphis ‘Que” Sells out in Less than 36 Hours

Our nascent “Sunday Evening Series” continues to excite Carpe Vinians with our latest instantly subscribed event on May 21, “Memphis ‘Que,” celebrating the wildly popular “Memphis in May” World Barbeque Championship.  We maxed out at seating for 80 barbeque fans within in 36 hours of announcing the dinner last Thursday.  Call the restaurant at 530-823-0320 if you would like your name placed on the wait list.

Memphis ‘Que will be a collaboration between Chef Eric Alexander and our Pitmaster Spencer Smith.  Spence earned his barbeque chops working at a joint while attending Southern Illinois University.  (Knowing Spence, I’d wager he put more effort into a BA in Barbeque than the books!)

Last year we purchased a mobile smoker, and we’ve been introducing smoked items on the menu—which will ramp up now that summer is approaching.  Also, with the immediate reaction from our customers to the Memphis event, we’ll be looking at reprising the menu on another Sunday this summer.  Stay tuned. . .and remember, snooze and you lose.