“Neighborhood Electric Vehicle” is Our Newest Ride

electric carWe’ve acquired a four-passenger GEM with a diamond-plate truck bed as the newest addition to the Carpe Vino “fleet”, and you’ll be seeing it soon on the streets of Old Town.  Dubbed a “Neighborhood Electric Vehicle,” we’ll be using our GEM for two purposes: hauling cases of wine from storage and shuttling restaurant customers from Carpe Vino to the upper parking lot on Friday and Saturday evenings.

As of the first of the year, we have taken the lease on the Court St. building directly behind Carpe Vino.  We have our offices there and we use it to warehouse and ship wine, so the GEM is ideal for moving juice to and from the restaurant.  Also, we’re working on a private events room in the building; we’ll share more about that when it is completed.

The GEM is totally electric, licensed and street legal.  It is roomy and enclosed so we can use it as a shuttle all year.  We’re working on a graphics package to wrap it in, so this could be one of the coolest vehicles in Auburn.

This is actually the second GEM we have used at Carpe Vino.  We had a two-passenger version that was sold about five years ago.