New Club Tasting is an International Wine Throw-Down

There has been a lot of action in the Carpe Vino Wine Club “Program Development” office of late and TODAY we are beyond to announce a brand new event, “WINE WARS!”

It’s called “WINE WARS,” and it’s not just another “sip-a-drip” wine tasting.  It’s the first of several new programs we’re rollin’ out, developed exclusively for Carpe Vino Wine Club Members (CVWCM)!  The objective of this monthly program will be to introduce/compare wines from different global regions that have been, in the past, outside of our “comfort zone.”  We (CV Sourcing Team) consider ourselves specialists in west coast/domestic wines, and this new initiative gives us all an opportunity to branch out. It’s an expansive educational opportunity for everyone, staff and customers.

The uniqueness of this Wine Club event is that while it’s aimed at wine club members we invite you to purchase up to TWO additional tickets for your friends to join in the fun.  Did you say tickets?  “WINE WARS” will be the first all inclusive, pay-in-advance wine and food event held at Carpe Vino.  Limited to only 24 tasting slots (held in CV Wine Mine), here is what “Wine Wars” is all about.


• WINE WARS – Monthly comparative tasting between two distinctive regions, countries, counties, villages, chateaus, garages…whatever we find that sounds fun!

• TASTING FORMAT – Each tasting will have EIGHT (four vs. four) two-oz pours; retail wine pricing will range from $20 to $100 per bottle (expect average of $45/bottle). The tastings will always highlight a white wine(s), light-medium red wine(s), heavier red wine(s) and an aperitif wine(s) or dessert wine(s) depending. Wines will be poured side-by-side with tasting notes given but NO pricing available until the end of the night. We don’t want price to prejudice your perception of value and quality. Prices and discounts will vary each tasting.

• FOOD – Like we said, “this ain’t just another sip-a-drip” wine tasting!”  Chef Eric Alexander will prepare “family style” platters to be shared among guests during each flight of wines.  Chef Alexander will be present dishes representative of the regions where the wines are sourced.

• WHO/WHERE/HOW MUCH? – “WINE WARS” tickets for these exclusive CVWCM events will be available for purchase online only and are non-refundable.  As noted earlier, CVWCMs can purchase two additional tickets for friends, totaling four tickets max per membership.  “WINE WARS” tickets are “all inclusive,” and will vary in pricing per event based on the cost of wine and food served.  Most events will run between $55-$125/person which includes wine, food, tax and gratuity.  All Wine War battles are conducted in the Wine Mine and start promptly at 6 p.m.