New Menu Drops at Carpe Vino!

The summer is in full-swing and so is Carpe Vino with a special offering available every night this week!  Take a look and don’t forget to BOOK ONLINE!  

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Thursday Night “Smoked Specialty”

For today’s “THURSDAY SMOKED SPECIALITY,” Pitmaster Spencer Smith currently has “Big Burda” fueled up and burpin’ smoke for TWELVE RACKS OF “ST. LOUIS SPARE RIBS” that will be available at 5pm!  Pitmaster Smith’s SMOKIN reputation speaks for itself, but his St. Louis Ribs continue to be our BEST-SELLING item coming off the smoker.  Whether you have tried these babies before or not, you should grab a half-slab tonight!


st louis spare ribs

half-rack st. louis spare ribs | a mound of fries – 20

Available Thursday 7/25 both restaurant & bar at 5PM – til sold out!

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Thursday- Saturday Chef’s Menu Special!

Every week Chef Tim Dube & Olivia Poulos will be offering a weekend menu special.  Lucky for you, we start are weekend on Thursday here at Carpe Vino and this week is the perfect time to try our” FRIED GREEN TOMATOES!”  Please note – those babies are sitting on a HALF-INCH THICK SLAB OF BACON!  Yeah, sign us up too!

fried green tomatoes

It’s been a staple at Carpe Vino since opening in 2006.  This is one of those dishes that will have you craving for another round the next day!

fried green tomatoes | 1/2 inch slab of braised bacon, tomato jam, pimento cheese fondue & sprouts – 13

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Mid-Week Special (LAST NIGHT ‘Til NEXT WEEK!)

(10 orders available)

We love “fried chicken” here at Carpe Vino…who doesn’t?  Tonight, we will be offering our take on “CLASSIC FRIED CHICKEN” both in the restaurant & bar, which is only available Tuesday-Thursday.  We have only 10 orders available per night on a first come, first served basis (sorry, no reserves).


fried chicken

classic fried chickenpotato puree, veal glace, “something green” – 15

Available tonight both restaurant & bar at 5PM – til sold out!

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With so many changes, so many items to offer, the quickest and easiest platform for us to use is INSTAGRAM.  We have two accounts; one specifically for Carpe Vino (restaurant) which you can follow @carpevinoauburn.  OR, for all things related to CV Wine & Spirits, ie; sales/deals/allocations, follow us @cv_wine_and_spirits.  Don’t worry, we don’t post every minute of every day, just let you know about the good stuff…like the menu items below.

halloumi cheese

Absolutely fantastic dish and for those of you who expecting table-side flames…sorry but this is California 🙂

seared halloumi cheese | figs, 18 year balsamic 13

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heirloom tomato salad

Summer on a plate, mixing salty and sweet.  Chef Tim Dube procured delicious “Yeung Farms Specialty Produce” heirloom tomatoes making this dish “POP” with flavor and acidity!

heirloom tomato salad | black watermelon, feta, hazelnut aillade, basil coulis – 13

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mishima wagyu sirloin

There are no shortcuts to the rich flavors and tenderness of the Mishima Reserve American Wagyu Beef.  Same can be said about this dish, a must!

mishima wagyu sirloin | sweet corn sabayon, crispy maitake mushroom, tallow potatoes, miso butter – 33



One Night Only!  

More Details Monday!!!


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We look forward to seeing you soon,

The CV Crew