New Shiner Wine Selections are in the Pipeline

SHINER_fin.154303When we introduced our house brand “Shiner” last year, the 150 cases of our inaugural Napa cab sold out quickly.  So, we were pumped—of course—to find the next entry in our budding series.  Drew has searched relentlessly for wine that will meet our quality and value standards, but he has been stymied over the past six months because of a low-production vintage in 2011 and the resulting dearth of juice in the market.

With much improved harvests in both the 2012 and 2013 vintages, however, the wine drought is over and we expect to release two new Shiner wines in the coming months.  First up is another Napa cab, with just 30 cases available.  This is an up-market selection, but we think—no, we’re confident—that it will sell out quickly.

Drew has also located an incredibly tasty Bordeaux blend from Paso Robles and because we plan to acquire 200 cases, it could end up being both a $40 and $75 Wine Club selection. . .we’ll see. Also, we’re zeroing in on two other wines, so stay tuned for some amazing values in wine!

In the event you are not familiar with the concept behind our Shiner brand, check out our web site at