Next Bar Special: Southern Comfort Shrimp & Grits



Circa August 2011 from “Southern Hospitality” Prix-Fixe.
Low-Country Shrimp and Grits, Andouille Gravy
IPhone picture quality has come a long way!


Next up in our monthly series of weeklong, bar-only specials is “Southern Comfort Shrimp & Grits,” a stunning dish available exclusively from July 7 to 12.  Relax. . .this is comfort food, sans any alcohol!

The basis of this classic, below-the-Mason-Dixon-Line dish is grits:  a southern staple of dried, ground corn cooked into a creamy porridge.  Chef Alexander is going local here, with grits sourced from Grass Valley Grains.  Chef’s grits are nice and creamy, topped with sautéed Louisiana Gulf Coast shrimp, Andouille sausage and the trinity of Cajun cooking—onions, celery and green pepper.

You’re gonna love this. . .we Garruntee!  Just 10 bucks, bar-only!