No Conundrum Here. . .This Juice is Stellar!


While I’ve happily relinquished my sales responsibilities to a younger and hungrier crew, sometimes it’s hard to sit on my hands when I encounter a wine that has it all.   Like a Dalmatian in the firehouse when the alarm goes off, I’m ready to jump on a hook & ladder. . .or at least I start salivating.

So when I tasted the recently released 2013 Conundrum 25th Anniversary Red–succinctly presented to our customers in a “Daily Deal” from our Jay Johnston–I had to suppress my Pavlovian response to crank out a “Gary’s Deal of the Day” (my gone but not forgotten “pitch” emails) to tout this awesome juice.

In little more than a week, we’ve had to reorder this wine twice because those savvy folks on our list jumped on Jay’s deal of $17.99 each with a purchase of six or more.  It’s $25 at the winery and ours is the lowest price I’ve seen anywhere.  On Sunday, I stopped by the shop to pick up a bottle for my own enjoyment and there wasn’t a drop left in the building.  So, I rudely texted Jay and asked him to bring in 10 more cases stat; it arrives Wednesday.

Talk about reimagining a successful brand, the Wagner Family repackaged this perpetual winner with a new bottle style, classy twist-off top (absolutely not an oxymoron) and a bold 25th Anniversary label that simply pops.  Nice. . .but it’s what’s in the bottle, n’cest pas?  (Hey, I just spent three weeks in France!)

Well as much as I appreciated the product presentation, the wine stopped me dead in my palate . . .mainly because the blend of zinfandel and petite sirah exploded delightfully on my tongue.  I could easily extol the virtues ad infinitum but Click Here for Jay’s original message or simply mash the “Buy Now” button.




Word up from Big Daddy, Conundrum is the real deal.  Getcha some!