NO JOKE…Last Call Until April 2015

WallofButter.085442You know there isn’t much space at Carpe Vino so when we order a pallet of wine (56 Cases) it’s no joke!  Last week we were told that the 2013 Butter Chardonnay was down to last call and wouldn’t be available again until April of 2015.  It didn’t take me long to respond with one two words…PALLET PLEASE!  I wasn’t sure if we were going to get that much because it’s such a hot commodity but with fingers crossed we received all 56 cases on Friday.

Butter has been our best-selling chard for the past couple of years because it makes a wonderful alternative to Rombauer or Frank Family Chardonnay because it tastes similar but costs half the price.  I know it maybe premature to start thinking about those holiday party wines and/or gifts, but this is your perfect Chardonnay to fit the bill!  Don’t waste time and secure your 6pk, case or cases today because when it’s gone…it’s gone!


2013 Butter Chardonnay (California)

$17.99/bottle or $14.99/bottle on 6+

Winery Tasting Notes:  “Delivering on its name, this wine has an ethereal creaminess on the palate, woven with smooth vanillin scented oak. Tropical flavors of pineapple and honeydew intertwine delicately on the mid pallet and linger on to the finish.”


All orders will be processed as received.  Thank you as always for your consideration!


Drew, gary & The CV Crew!