Old Town Shuttle Service Launches this Weekend

Tony in GEM

Carpe Vino is taking customer service to the next level with our introduction of a weekend shuttle service for customers.  Every Friday and Saturday evening our new GEM electric vehicle, a four-passenger mini truck, will be plying the streets of Old Town to schlep our beloved customers (and their wine purchases) to their cars.  The service will run during dinner service, from 5 to 10 p.m. (depending on demand).

Your driver this summer is Tony Suverkropp, a strapping young man who will deliver you safely to your vehicle when you depart the Friendly confines after dinner.  Tony will work for us before heading back to college in the fall.

Our Gem is the hot little set-up.  It has a diamond plate truck bed that is perfect for hauling wine from our warehouse to the shop.  You won’t miss it at night because we had a neon light kit installed the illuminates the street beneath the GEM, and it pulsates to the beat of the onboard CD player.  Top speed is about 30 mph (but not uphill with a full load!) and a range of about 20 miles on a full charge.

This is actually the second GEM we’ve owned.  The first NEV (neighborhood electric vehicle) we purchased around 2005 was just two seats; we ended up selling it to customers who live in a golf community and it’s still on the road!

So, don’t be bashful next time you dine with us on Friday or Saturday.  Tony will be delighted to take you to your car!  If you would like a ride from your car to the restaurant, give us a call at 530-823-0320.