Our “Farm-to-Job” Duo are Media Darlings


This classic image of Courtney, Josephine, Eric and friends—
or something similar—will appear in the soon-to-be-distributed
2014 Placer County Visitor’s Guide. (Photo by Erik Bergen,
Placer County Visitors Bureau)

The journalist in me has always seen the raw value and uniqueness of a compelling story right inside our building.  Our original Executive Chefs—Eric Alexander and Courtney McDonald—have been with us since the beginning and they have evolved into a very special team that far exceeds the magic they make in Carpe Vino’s kitchen.

They take “Farm to Fork” to an entirely new level, and their story will soon be in print.

Since we opened the restaurant in 2006, Eric and Courtney have done their level best to source as much as possible from local farmers.  They embraced the concept long before there was a marketing moniker for the practice.

Courtney left the fold after a few years to pursue her interest in farming, husbandry and everything associated with creating a sustainable lifestyle.  Her efforts culminated last year when she and Eric purchased a farm outside of Auburn, and now the pair funnels a regular supply of fruits, vegetables and flowers into our kitchen.

This “farm-to-job” supply chain is something very unique in Sacramento’s highly developed regional cuisine.  And their accomplishments and lifestyle are being featured in two publications: first in the new edition of the Placer County Visitor’s Guide, scheduled for release at the end of September.  Then on October 26, a special Placer County travel supplement in the San Francisco Chronicle will feature their story of linking the land to their professional kitchen.

We’re very excited for Eric and Courtney, and at the end of the day, no one is more deserving of the recognition.